Wheat Grass Juice Powder | This Amazing Stuff Will Pump Up Your Health

thesynergycompany_wheatgrasslifestyle_1I have a few staples when it comes to my daily diet, and organic wheat grass juice powder is certainly one of them. I used to go the inconvenient route and take a mid-morning trip to my local juice and smoothie shop and request a wheat grass shot, but then I woke up one day and figured out that I was mostly being fleeced for everything I was worth at the time. Well, I was worth more than a daily wheat grass shot (I have employment), but man, I sure felt the pinch on my bank account. I also realized I was wasting time standing in line behind annoying people who don’t understand how to order juice or smoothies.

Wheat grass juice powder is a health bomb; there are no two ways about it. Wheat grass is a superfood that’s astoundingly good for the body and brain. Taking a daily shot of wheat grass is saying to yourself every day, “I love myself. I am a super beautiful person who is loved by many.” Actually, that sounds super crazy. But my point, through hyperbole, is that wheat grass rocks. And taking it can be a healthy experience that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Wheat Grass Juice Powder Benefits

Wheat grass is a legitimate superfood that doesn’t let down when it comes to nutrient density. For starters, wheat grass is 70% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is essential in the blood building process. Chlorophyll helps to heal wounds and relieve blood clotting and create hormonal balance.

Wheat grass contains the following vitamins: K, E, B, A, C, I. IT pretty well contains every essential vitamin and mineral you’d ever need to function.

Wheat grass is ripe with protein.

Wheat Grass Juice Powder Products

As mentioned earlier, most every juice and some smoothie shops will serve you a shot of wheat grass. But that can be pretty expensive. I suggest using supplements. You can order them and have them delivered directly to your home. By using wheat grass juice powder, you are able to make your own drink for much less the cost.

Dr. Berg’s Wheat Grass Juice Powder is one of the more popular products out there. And it is a solid organic wheat grass juice powder. My only hesitation is that it is JUST wheat grass powder. I know I sound silly to make that out to be a negative after all the wonderful things I just said about wheat grass, however, you can order green drink powder supplements which have wheat grass and more for close to the same price. In this way, you get all your greens in one drink, including wheat grass. I suggest Kylea Total Living Drink Greens, which has organic wheat grass juice powder as part of its ingredients, or check out our top superfood green drink reviews to find more options (hint: they are all awesome).

Wheat Grass Juice Side Effects

Before I got used to taking a shot of wheat grass, I used to get the effect of “oh wow, I need to find a bathroom in a hurry.” I was wise enough to not take my wheat grass shot prior to a big meeting or a road trip. Otherwise, I ended up in some horrifying gas station bathroom pinching a large key ring and praying for my body’s safety as I hovered. Not to be gross, but real life ain’t always beautiful. And neither are Chevron toilets.

That said, wheat grass tends to detox the body. It can sometimes have a detoxifying effect that results in an anxious trip to the bathroom. Most people get used to it, but, if you eat unhealthily or drink a lot of alcohol, you might expect a similar experience. And that might be good for you.

Otherwise, there are 3 side effects of wheat grass you should be aware of…

Wheat Grass and Nausea and Headache: The detox effect of wheat grass can at times cause some people to feel nauseous or get a headache. Both suck. Large amounts of chlorophyll inside of wheat grass tend to accelerate this detoxification by causing your body’s cells to dump their toxins. This is good, of course, but it might not feel so good.

Wheat Grass and Skin issues: Some people have reported acne-type symptoms from using wheat grass. Again, this could be related to the detox effect.

Wheat Grass and Diarrhea: As discussed earlier, wheat grass can sometimes come out as fast as it came in. I always encourage people to test that first wheat grass shot in the comforts of their own home and toiletries.

Wheat Grass Allergic reactions: There are certain people that are allergic to wheat grass. You should check with your doctor if you suspect you are one of them and clearly, avoid wheat grass.

In conclusion, wheat grass juice powder offers a ton of health benefits. I recommend using a green superfood drink powder that has wheat grass and more, but Dr. Berg’s is also a super wonderful option. There are 3 side effects of wheat grass that people cite, but those are mostly due to the detoxification effect.