Coffee and Butter for Weight LossThis Coffee Superfood Diet Is Now All The Rage

Before I dive into this article, I want to make clear that this solution isn’t likely for everyone. One thing I hate about these “how I lost weight” articles is that they are often attempting to appeal to a mass demographic and many people within the demographic just aren’t logical subjects for garnering similar results as the author claims.

So first, let’s talk about who the coffee and superfood diet isn’t for….

  • You refuse to eliminate egregious processed foods like bread and soda.
  • You are a heavy drinker.
  • You are severely obese.

If you are any of those four individuals, stop eating bread. Stop drinking soda. Stop counting calories. Stop boozing every night. Skip this article, lose weight, come back to it in 6 weeks.

Who is it for?

  • You don’t want to eat a super strict diet, but again, you aren’t a complete mess who might be reading this from a McDonald’s lobby.
  • You may or may not workout, but you understand that diet plays a huge role in weight loss
  • You drink (some). You enjoy life (a lot). But you aren’t drinking five beers a night.
  • You are carrying extra weight (even a good bit).

A few months following my 35th birthday party, I began to accept the fact (begrudgingly) that my body had changed. And not for the better. My birthday party was filled with friends and family telling me how great aging is. The only thing I knew about aging was that I was getting fatter.

Worse more? I wasn’t committing atrocities when it came to diet. Sure, I had some processed foods, I was drinking some alcohol, but in the past, this had worked out just fine. Now? Not so much. And that was a depressing, overwhelming feeling.

Over the course of a couple of months, I began restricting carbs and calories. And I was seeing positive results (kind of). And the “kind of” portion in this is really the most compelling portion. I was losing weight (which excited the heck out of me), but I felt terrible. This became majorly problematic. My job is to act as a liaison between financial advisors and uber-rich investors. With the exception of them requesting trades, I am the main point of contact. This means a lot of writing and a lot of improvisational-driven requests.

I began to find I often felt fatigued from mid-morning throughout the afternoon. I’d wake up feeling decent, but it was all downhill from there. And it was hard to formulate coherent thoughts in email responses. I figured out this was due to either lower caloric intake or lowered carb intake.

But every time I ramped up (slow increases) these two components, the weight loss stopped. I shifted things around a lot (intermittent fasting – 1 or 2 meals per day; 7 super small meals per day; higher calorie days offset by lower calorie days). Nothing was doing the trick.

However, one nugget came out of all this failure. I began to notice that the combination of high-fat and high fiber seemed to give me energy, improve my mood and sleep, and regulate my appetite.

So yeah, through experimentation, I invented a diet, and the pounds fell off. Here it is:


Coffee with Kerrygold butter in it (you can buy Kerrygold Butter at most any grocery store. Additionally, Starbucks typically has those small Kerrygold packets on hand for oatmeal orders, and they will gladly toss you a couple with your coffee or espresso order). Sometimes I add coconut oil and cinnamon.

A high fiber, green, superfood. I mean kale, spinach, collard greens, swiss chard, even mushrooms, and broccoli. Clearly, this is going to sound overwhelming to most everyone, so allow me to uncomplicate it.

Yes, at first, I went to the grocery store and purchased these items and made them into a morning salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. But over time, I figured out that just buying a superfood supplement made more sense. I snagged one from Whole Foods the first few weeks, and it was great, but since then, it has been easier and more cost-effective to order a top-shelf green superfood drink online. The key here is doing what’s easiest for you.

This sounds disgusting.

Two points:

When you get the supplement, you can add unsweetened almond milk, and it tastes great.

You just need to get it down; then your day is set. You won’t crave crap, your focus will improve drastically, you will feel more energy because your stomach gets an automatic infusion of probiotics (or good gut bacteria, which makes people feel more positive…google it).

Doing this will also hydrate you. Now, the coffee and butter combo will jumpstart your metabolism. The fiber will protect you from feeling hungry as a horse when the coffee starts to crash. The fiber will also stabilize the coffee and make it last longer. The butter, combined with the coffee, will trigger your body to start burning fat.

Drink a glass of water somewhere in the mix of the morning.

Read what has to say about Caffeine here:


Beans or nuts. Don’t go crazy, but now is when you want to add in those complex, dense carbs. Black beans, almonds, cashews (even refried beans will work).

Superfood shake (same as before, you want to keep feeding your body that fiber). Remember, a shake actually gets MORE greens inside of you than you’d normally be able to eat.

Water, water, water. Drink water.

You can roll with the coffee/butter deal again if you like.


Open the valve a little if you like, but remember, you won’t be that hungry. The loss of appetite can be either advantageous or to your detriment. You NEED TO EAT. If you aren’t hungry and think “screw it, I will just skip dinner,” eventually your body will melt down, and you will end up ravenously hungry and blow your diet. This diet only works if you eat.

Starches like potatoes, rice, corn, yams, are fine here.

Gluten free breads (hey, they make gluten free pizzas, though clearly this shouldn’t be a staple of your diet).

Dark chocolates.

Any proteins, such as meats and dairy. If you are vegan, you already know your options here.

The key here is the starches will help you sleep. YOU NEED SLEEP TO LOSE FAT!

Look, this isn’t something that’s going to turn a 40-year-old man’s physique into that of an NFL linebacker’s. However, it can slim you down in a way that doesn’t compromise your productivity at work. I found it boosted my sex drive a bit, though I didn’t have a severe issue there. I lost about 5 lbs per week and it has been pretty easy to maintain.

Again, go with superfood green drinks like the one I use called the Total Living Drink Greens. I would avoid fruity shake supplements for now. Nothing wrong with fruit but it’s likely to slow down your weight loss in the initial stages. Once you reach your good weight, go for it. I eat fruit now, and I don’t gain.

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