The Health Benefits Of Spinach Now Include Building A Heart

Health Benefits Of Spinach Are Truly Heart Felt

The health benefits of spinach have now been taken to an entirely new, and potentially life-saving, level. Everyone knows that spinach is a superfood. But did you know that spinach can now be used to build a heart?

How lovely (sorry).

Scientists have made the coolest, and slightly most vampirish, discovery every involving the benefits of spinach. Spinach can be used to build a heart by, fascinatingly enough, repairing the damaged cells that exist following a heart attack in a human (I wanted to clarify, friends, we aren’t talking animals).

Essentially, study, published this month by the journal Biomaterials, revealed that spinach leaves could be used in the same way that buildings are built, but in this case, to build a heart.

Creating viable, healthy blood vessels for the heart is one of medical science’s largest issues when it comes to the science of heart health.

According to an article on National Geographic:

“The main limiting factor for tissue engineering … is the lack of a vascular network,” says study co-author Joshua Gershlak, a graduate student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, in a video describing the study. “Without that vascular network, you get a lot of tissue death.”

The health benefits of spinach now include building a heart. Boom!

Other Health Benefits Of Spinach | What’s Really In It?

You might not be building a heart out of spinach and spinach might well be the key to you not ever needing to build a heart using it. Spinach is super healthy. It is amazingly good for your heart. Spinach contains potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, folate, protein, fiber, vitamins (A, E, C, K), thiamine, and vitamin B6.

Spinach has a lower sodium level and a high fiber count, making it a perfect, heart-healthy superfood. The fiber and protein mix can help a person feel full, which is the core competency of any true weight loss plan. This is why superfoods are so potent.

Health Benefits Of Spinach | How Do I Get My Supply?

Spinach is typically ingested through cooking or via salads (make sure you wash it if you plan to use it as a raw salad base). Always try to buy organic spinach. Many people use spinach to juice with (it is not as gross as you might think). I personally love to juice spinach, though I admit, I usually juice it with apple and that makes it taste perfect.

Spinach is one of the only foods that I know of that’s nutritional density is less hindered by the cooking process. Typically, cooking destroys nutrients in raw vegetables and fruits (I sure hope that you aren’t cooking fruits unless we are talking pineapple on the grill). Now, if you boil or steam spinach, it tends to take the most abrupt loss of nutrients.

Now, some theories exist that the cooking process, specific saute, brings out nutrient density. Cooked spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers can often contain higher ratios of antioxidants than their raw counterpart may. There is also the theory that raw food nutrients don’t absorb into our bodies as easily.

I saute my spinach in a pan. I usually use some coconut oil, salt, and pepper and I dab water in the pan (typically if I just washed my spinach the water dripping from the spinach leaves is well-enough to serve my cooking purpose). I do it on a mid range heat level and use a wooden spoon to constantly move the leaves around and distribute the cooking heat appropriately.

Health Benefits Of Spinach | Green Superfood Drinks

We’ve known spinach is good for us. We know that it can build a heart. But did you know you could just as easily get the health benefits of spinach via a superfood green drink? We have an entire list of the top superfood green drink powders and many of them contain spinach.

In conclusion, the health benefits of spinach now, absurdly enough, include building a heart. But if you eat spinach daily, you hopefully won’t need any arteries rebuilt out of spinach scaffolding. You can get spinach in green superfood drink powders in a convenient, easy fashion. Or, try to saute with coconut oil and salt and pepper. You can also eat it raw, so long as you wash it, on a salad. Just don’t douse the salad with crazy sugar-laden dressings as that will defeat the purpose.

I don’t think anyone can get enough spinach. Not only does it taste superb, it can be cooked or prepared in a various amount of ways to improve the taste of it. You can really pump up your health with spinach. Who in the heck doesn’t want better health?

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