The Health Benefits Of Algae

The Health Benefits Of Algae | Real. Defined. Proven.

The health benefits of algae are well-defined and have been sought after by humans for centuries. In fact, the Aztecs were well-known to use algae for medicinal and survival purposes. The two

By Toby Hudson - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Toby Hudson – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

most popular algae are chlorella and spirulina. Algae is classified as a superfood due to having a high density of nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, proteins and even antioxidants. There are a handful of algae versions that people can and do consume even beyond chlorella and spirulina.

Increasing the scope of health benefits of algae include being antiviral. There are even claims that algae health benefits include being antitumor. Algae is so good for us that it might be easier just to make this article about what algae “can’t” do for us. But that would be annoying, so let’s not do that.

Health Benefits Of Algae | A Cancer-Fighting Warrior

When it comes to superfoods, my starting point whenever I write anything regarding them is always their ability to help fight cancer. Cancer is one of the top killers in our modern world. Cancer has no cure. And cancer is something that most every family has some sad, intimate connection with. Algae may be a natural cancer fighter, making it essential to include in our daily diets.

Experimental animal studies have shown that spirulina, a part of the algae family, helps to fight cancer in animals. Specifically, the study involved a mouth cancer known as oral leukoplakia. The oral leukoplakia showed that one gram of spirulina daily helped to fight cancer in people who used chewing tobacco.

Spirulina has also been shown to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy (2011 Memorial Sloan Kettering study from 2011 on animals and chemotherapy). It was also shown to help stave off the negative effects of radiation. The study encourages hospitals to add on spirulina as a part of people’s chemo or radiation therapy.

Yes, the studies were on animals, but what the data suggested is enormous for those who either chew tobacco or are enduring rigorous chemotherapy treatments. If you’ve ever been through chemotherapy or know anyone who has, you most certainly understand how critical it is to reduce the negative effects.

Algae Has A Lot Of Love To Give….To Your Heart.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and all forms of cardiovascular disease are detrimental to heart health. Algae, specifically the blue-green version, has been shown to be awesome at helping to protect the heart from these villains. A 2013 study shows that this primitive algae work to prevent both nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease. Human studies have shown that blue-green algae can serve as “an effective natural product for improving blood lipid profiles and for preventing inflammation and oxidative stress.”

The reason for algae’s success at fighting heart disease is clear and defined: Fibers, phycocyanin, gamma linolenic and carotenoids inside of blue-green algae amount to this form of algae being a champion in the fight for a healthy heart.

Algae is good for your heart. Which makes it vital for your daily intake.

Algae Is Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is one of the most devastating conditions in the modern world. Many link inflammation to reduced immune function which causes the body to be more susceptible to degenerative diseases, arthritis and injuries. Reducing inflammation is essential to good health.

Because algae contain chlorophyll and omega 3 fatty acids, it is a natural warrior in the fight against inflammation. Mediterranean red alga Laurencia obtusa was shown in one study to reduce pain, help the stomach and reduce inflammation. Basically, this algae did everything but take out the trash; and who knows? Maybe it does that also!

Algae The Great Detoxifier

Of all the health benefits of algae, the one I am most fond of is its detoxification abilities. This makes algae a true superfood in its own right. Chlorella can help strip the body of heavy metals. If you have mercury fillings, you potentially have mercury residing inside of your body. Even if you eat a lot of sushi, this can be the case. Heavy metals are often hanging out in people’s bodies for a multitude of reasons. I didn’t even mention arsenic and aluminum and lead.

Chlorella works to remove these metals bound inside the body. It detoxes the body. It has been shown to help stop these heavy metals from building up in the organs and tissues of our bodies. How amazing is that?

The Health Benefits Of Algae | Conclusion

Algae is ripe with health benefits, and it is easy to take. Many health stores sell supplements that contain algae, just make sure you Google products before purchasing. If it helps, I have a top green drink review list that features a lot of green smoothie powders which contain algae.

photo By Toby Hudson – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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