benefits of avocadoThe avocado. In Whole Foods, just saying the name can give a person anxiety. That’s because avocados can be rather pricey purchases, particularly in our trendy, holistic type stores. But the benefits of avocado make it all worth it in the end. And now that Amazon has purchased Whole Foods, your avocados just got cheaper. That said, you have to deal with your avocados being sold next to Amazon Echos, which is super weird. But hey, the things we suffer through in the first world where avocados are readily available in produce bins.

The benefits of avocados are so powerful that the avocado might well be the top superfood around. Clearly, that’s a debatable and subjective point, but you certainly catch where I’m going here. Consuming avocado on the daily can only do amazing things for your mind and body. Because avocados suffered through the dark days of blasphemous FDA condemnation due to fat content, there are still a great many people who simply do not give avocados the time of day. They see avocados as containing “dangerous fats” and “too many calories,” but both thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.

Avocados are a fruit, but are commonly mistaken for being a vegetable. They have some sweetness, but they certainly aren’t sweet like watermelon. Knowing that an avocado is a fruit is probably the least important point in this article. You just need to know that avocados are beneficial to your health. And that lowered prices on them. I think you should know that also.

Avocados contain healthy fats and lots of antioxidants and fiber. Many people relate the avocado to guacamole dip. Guacamole dip is often consumed with unhealthy foods, such as chips. This further serves to demonize them. Avocados are an incredible base. I use them as my base for shakes. For example, I will put them in a cacao shake and it is simply magical. You could use it as a base for many of my best green superfood powder drink supplements.

Breaking Down Avocado Fats

I already touched on this, there are many people who remain frightened that fat will turn them into a pumpkin after midnight. But that simply isn’t always true. While there are most certainly bad fats, such as the transfats found in potato chips, the fat found in avocado is healthy monosaturated fats. This type of fat is highly beneficial for both the body and mind. Ever wonder why people tout the Mediterranean diet so much? They may not know this, but it is loaded with monosaturated fats. People from Mediterranean regions who adhere to this diet have been studied for years. They often have lower cancer rates and less heart disease (source).

Healthy fats are good for you. Avocados contain healthy fats. The science is there and it is valid.

Vitamins K, E and A

Many kidney stone sufferers have been found to be vitamin K deficient (source). In some cases, people who supplement with vitamin D put their calcium deposits into risky territory causing kidney stones. Vitamin K is needed to direct calcium to its appropriate place. Without it, stones happen. Vitamin K is found in avocados. More? Vitamin K is fat soluble, which as discussed already, healthy fat is found in avocados. Vitamin’s E and A, similarly, are fat soluble. E is great for your skin.


Vitamin C is found in avocados in good amounts. But let me guess, you had no idea about that, right? You thought it was just oranges, right! Don’t feel bad, we all feel the same way. Vitamin C helps to boost your immunity to illnesses. When you eat avocado, you get a pure source of vitamin C. This isn’t me saying that vitamin C supplementation is bad, I’m just saying that an avocado is a much stronger player in that space. You can’t do any better than purely natural. Vitamin C is water soluble. So hydrate with water as much as possible my friends!

Magnesium and Potassium

One of my favorite reasons to eat healthy avocados is because they possess magnesium and potassium. These two minerals are ultra-important for our health. Magnesium is great for our digestion and for our sleep, as well, it can even help you cope with anxiety. Many folks are magnesium deficient. Potassium is amazing for relieving us of cramps. These two minerals can cost a lot of money as a supplement, it might be more effective to splurge on the avocado a few times a week. Natural sources of vitamins are always better sources.

Avocados and Fiber

I’m a big fiber fan. I know that big food tries to sell the heck out of fiber products, but I feel strongly we should always opt to get natural sources as much as possible. Fiber is incredibly healthy, not only for our colons but also for our brains. Fibers help to feed good bacteria in our stomachs. That good bacteria, when well fed, has astoundingly good affects on our minds. I just feel so much better when I include natural and healthy sources of fiber, such as avocados.

avocado dip

Dip apples in avocado dip for a tasty blast of health!

The Benefits Of Avocados – How Do I Get More?

Simplicity is king when it comes to a healthy diet. Green drinks are the easiest way to get more nutrition into your diet without making things too complicated. Daily trips to the store are a rough business, but so is food storage. So I suggest getting a few avocados each week. You might need to allow them to ripen over a few days. And then use them as a base in green drink powders.

Another quick and easy way to get more avocado into your life is by taking a ripe avocado and beating it up. Put some olive oil in it. You will end up with a healthy dip. You could add lemon or even cayenne pepper. If you are having a cheat day, roll with corn chips. If not, dip apples in it.

Overall, everyone should be getting the benefits of avocados on a weekly basis. It can do wonders for your health. These days, it isn’t difficult to beef up our health.