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Texas SuperFood is a whole food nutritional supplement by NuPlexa and formulated by Dr. Dennis Black. The following Texas Superfood review will cut through the hype and determine what it’s really about.

This green drink powder supplement is jam-packed with a unifying 55 total ingredients that include fruits, vegetables, algae, grasses and digestive enzymes.

There are three main groups of superfoods found inside this product: fruits, vegetables, and algae & grasses developed by Dr. Dennis Black, N.D. – a specialist in natural medicines.  Now they say everything is bigger in Texas, so this Texas Superfood review will dig in and take a look to see if this holds up.

Superfoods & Nutrition

This product has 180 grams of over 55+ different ingredients, many classic incredibly healthy superfoods; nevertheless there are a few significant concerns.

First, 55+ ingredients is GREAT, but how much of each nutrient are you ingesting? It doesn’t say.  Hmm, so my apprehension is it very well could be 90% of one nutrient and the other 10% is a smidgen of all the others.

Many manufacturers will put a smattering of a nutrient in their product so they can claim it on the label.

The second key concern is the label just skips right over the origin of each nutrient. Is the product made from juice extracts? Organic?  Who knows!

Lastly, is this a powder or a bottle full of vegetarian capsules?  The label indicates it’s a powder but when you look at the bottom left of the label it indicates it is capsules. Confusing.

Ok, on a positive note, what we do know is this product is free from fillers, excipients (purpose is to bulk-up a potent active ingredients formula), animal products, gluten, dairy, and GMO’s.

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Taste & Value

Texas Superfood Powder doesn’t taste too bad and this is surprising due to the low sugar amount.

The label suggests mixing it with water but if you are a newbie to green drink powders or just can’t tolerate the taste, instead mix the powder with your favorite organic or 100% juice.  Listen, if you’re going to do it right, at least make it a bit enjoyable and go with the juice.

Why organic?  You must mind the sugar content and not negate the health benefits of this product by using just any juice.  Remember, we’re only talking about an 8oz glass and this Texas SuperFood Powder is rather tasty compared to others.

In terms of value…

A bottle of Texas Superfood Powder contains 180 grams of powder and according to the label each serving is a teaspoon (but can be two teaspoons). Because we are highly educated we know that a teaspoon is approximately 5 grams and the label clearly states that there are 60 servings (60 teaspoons).

But hold your horses cowboy, if the total weight of the product is 180 grams and a teaspoon is 5 grams, when you divide 5 grams into the 180 grams you get 36 servings.

And it gets more confusing… the label clearly suggests using one scoop, which is 2 teaspoons making it 10 grams per serving.  So using our mathematical prowess if you divide 10 grams into 180 grams you get a total of 18 servings.

At a cost of $79.95 per bottle, that comes out to an outrageous Texas-sized average of over $4 per serving. You’d be way better off using Athletic Greens or Green Vibrance for this kind of money.

Now it does not take a mathematician to figure out…this is more expensive than green drink powders we’ve reviewed that deliver 3-4 times the amount of nutrition per serving and you still don’t know how much of each ingredient is packed in this bottle.

The Good

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  • 55+ ingredients with a well-rounded blend of fruits, vegetables, grasses, algae, antioxidants and enzymes
  • Contains less than a gram of sugar
  • We like the state of Texas


The Bad

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  • No way of knowing how much of each nutrient you are ingesting
  • We don’t know what form these ingredients are in… juice extracts? Vegetable powder? Organic?
  • The label is beyond confusing
  • On a per-gram, per-serving cost, most expensive powder we’ve seen
  • Return policy is sketchy


Other Tidbits

Return Policy: The 30-Day empty Bottle Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to try an item for 30 days and if at anytime during those 30 days you are unsatisfied, you may return the EMPTY container for a STORE CREDIT (less shipping and handling charges).

If the product is unopened, you can receive a full refund (less shipping and handling charges).  Listen up!  The ONLY way to get your money back is to not use the product.  Does Texas SuperFood actually want you to try their product or base your experience on looking at the cool packaging?  Makes no sense.


In this day and age of being health conscience while watching your wallet, Texas SuperFood needs to get in the game and deliver true value to their customers.  Because from our view, this product seems to be a market-driven, over-priced, under-delivering green drink. Even though it’s being talked about all over conservative radio, this Texas Superfood review should have given you the real facts.[hr]

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