super green juice reviewSuper Green Juice Review

It has been at least two months since Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens launched and moved to the number one spot of our top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. And since then, there really hasn’t been a rival come along and make any legitimate dethroning efforts. And as my Super Green Juice review shall show, this green superfood powder won’t make a run at the top of the list, either, but that isn’t to say this health drink isn’t a great option for green drink consumers.

This is not a health drink powder that should be ignored just because it isn’t a top 10 player in the game of superfood powders. Choices matter. Sometimes I listen to Cyndi Lauper during my kettlebell workout. And sometimes I don’t. Options are a great thing.

Super Green Juice is a robust and powerful drink that features a handful of somewhat potent blends. There’s a lot of good stuff in this powder. Super Green Juice features organic ingredients, they avoid GMOs, they don’t push the gluten, and the experience is completely vegan. So no animals are dying in the process of drinking down some Super Green Juice. Like many other Super Green Juice reviews, this is overall a pretty good experience at a decent price.

Touchstone Essentials Company

Touchstone Essentials is a North Carolina company that operates via the website, They sell a lot of products online related to the green and protein markets. Their website, much like their label, is designed to make them appear a bit more robust than they actually are. For example, they have a lot of product categories related to heart health, energy, joints, metabolism and even vegan which are mostly just re-listings for their typical best-sellers. They list 23 supplements, but many of those are just the same supplements repackaged together. This isn’t a big deal, but I am a green drink reviewer, so it is my job to note it. It is just how they operate. They want the consumer to see them as a mega-huge green drink manufacturer, when in fact, they offer a mid-level amount of supplements.

They have a decent Facebook following and I can’t find any bad reviews on the company. They do offer an auto-billing model for their products but they clearly disclose the terms. Many people really like auto-shipping options.

Super Green Juice Ingredients

Super Green Juice ingredients, much like their website, is a whole lot of something. Getting to the bottom of that “something,” however, is the essence of this Super Green Juice review. Yes, there are a lot of great ingredients, but I feel the blends are a little skimpy when compared to some of the other beasts that exist in the green drink market. Its a very versatile and eye-popping label, no doubt, and it has a lot of health benefits in store for anyone who chooses to consume it. Most of these names are flashy and less relevant than they lead you to believe. I mean, if you choose to ingest more greens, you should feel more energy, clearly.

Super Green Juice features four prominent blends.

Super Green Alkalizing Blend

Alkalinity is important to the human body. And Super Green Juice really pushes the idea that its green drink can help bring balance to the body. Alkalinity is achieved through healthy acidity levels. For Super Green Juice, this is the blend that features a great deal of their greens and grasses. It’s truly a fancy name for a blend that’s common to most green drinks.

Organic Barley Juice is loaded with B-vitamins and vitamin C.

Organic Alfalfa Grass is high in chlorophyll and a variety of other micronutrients essential to our health. The chlorophyll aspect contained in the alfalfa grass contributes to the detoxification process touted by the manufacturer. In other words, it is a legitimate claim on behalf of Touchstone Essentials.

Organic Broccoli and Organic Spinach are two of the most essential greens a human being can ingest. They are two of the most powerful superfoods on earth containing nearly all micronutrients. They are incredibly anti-inflammatory and help the human body fight off a number of degenerative diseases.

Detox Energizing Blend

Organic Spirulina is a wonderful source of vitamin K. Did you know that vitamin K2 can help the human body steer calcium in ways that help prevent dreaded kidney stones? That’s amazing stuff. Spirulina is also high in vegan protein.

Organic Ginseng is likely the flagship ingredient in this blend, at least if we go by the name. Ginseng is a hugely popular herbal supplement that contributes to increased energy levels.

Organic Parsley is a good source of both vitamins C and K. It is also loaded with powerful antioxidants.

Sea Kelp is a wonderful addition featured in this blend. Sea Kelp is loaded with macros. Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, and Folate are just a few of the good benefits one extracts from consuming this sea plant.

Digestive Support Blend

Digestion is a largely underrated health determiner. If your digestion is unhealthy, so likely goes the rest of your health profile. Super Green Juice’s digestive blend is my favorite blend in their lineup.

Organic Flax Seeds provide people with a wonderful omega 3 and omega 6 balance. For most people in the modern world, their omega 6 intake largely outweighs their omega 3 intakes. Most omega 3 fatty acid sources or fish. But flaxseed and chia seed, both contained in the blend, are rare vegan sources of this fatty acid. What does that have to do with digestion? Not a ton. However, both of these seeds are fiber loaded and keep the digestive tract moving in a healthy way.

This blend also features a probiotic ingredient list. This is truly essential to the digestive health effort. Because Super Green Juice contains fibers and resistant starches, probiotics are deployed in a way that allows them to feed and create an amazingly healthy gut environment. This is a great blend that could help people feel so much better. Gut health is brain health. As the gut goes, the brain goes.

Super Antioxidant Immune Blend

This blend is a bit symptomatic of the whole “flashy name” syndrome that Super Green Juice has by way of grandiose marketing. This is a good blend, but many of the prior ingredients contained antioxidants and immune system benefits as well.

Goji berries and blueberries are two of the most antioxidant dense fruits on earth, both of which are featured in this blend. Additionally and uniquely, Super Green Juice features an array of powerful mushrooms: Organic Shiitake, Cordyceps, Maitake, Tremella, Organic Turkey Tail.

The addition of mushrooms really sets Super Green Juice apart from a lot of the competition. I love this blend as well.

You can check out the label below. One thing to note is that Super Green Juice ingredients are rather thin in terms of how much you get. Again, the devil is in the details, which usually comes down to a more precise reading of a label.


super green juice ingredients

Super Green Juice ingredients per the label (click to enlarge)

So, you end up with a typical 30 servings container and you pay $79.95. That comes out to about $2.65 per serving, give or take any ongoing deals by Touchstone Essentials. But here’s the rub, and this is going to burn. You get only 10 grams per serving. If that sounds underwhelming, well, you certainly aren’t wrong feeling such sentiment. Most bigger manufacturers, such as Kylea, the maker of Total Living Drink Greens, offer up 40 grams per serving. Super Green Juice isn’t a travesty, it’s a good drink, but the value largely undermines a label that tries to darn hard to be big and robust. The numbers just don’t support that kind of potency.

Super Green Juice Taste

They add in some organic rasberry and some apple flavors to help neutralize the soil taste that’s commonly found in green drinks. In the end, it has a mild taste, but like any health drink, its not going to taste like Gatorade. Because Gatorade is bad for you and Super Green Juice is good for you. That’s just how the world works.

Super Green Juice Nutrition

Aside from the weaker potency and subpar value associated with Super Green Juice, the formula truly contains an array of nutritional benefits including increased immunity, b-vitamins, and a great digestive health blend. I am also a fan of their numerous healthy mushrooms which definitely makes Super Green Juice a unique experience.


Good ingredients make up this green drink powder’s blends. The digestive health blend and the addition of unique mushrooms help propel Super Green Juice into a more exciting universe. Without these two items, this drink would hardly compete.


Not powerful enough when compared to the big dogs. Value is decent, but the overall potency is simply underwhelming.


In the end, my Super Green Juice review concludes that you have a great many better options waiting in my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. You don’t save enough purchasing Super Green Juice to justify the lack of health kick. When it comes to weaker green drinks, the price truly needs to set the tone for a drink’s weaker stature. And in this case, that doesn’t happen.