Reserveage Nutrition Wholeganic Greens ReviewReserveage Nutrition Wholeganic Greens Review

Reserveage Nutrition’s Wholeganic Greens is a green drink powder that’s mostly an average to an underwhelming experience. I can’t classify Wholeganic Greens as one of my top 10 superfood green drink reviews because it simply isn’t potent enough to fill a space alongside the big dogs in the green drink industry. And no, this doesn’t mean my Wholeganic Greens review will be a full-on cryfest, this powder certainly does have its share of redeeming qualities. It just isn’t the best drink for the best value.

Ever since Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens hit the market, older, more archaic products, such as Wholeganic Greens, have been served notice that consumers are now paying attention to the potency of their green drinks, not just the ingredient list in general.

Reserveage Nutrition Company

Reserveage Nutrition is a Florida based company who offers a line of health products including green drinks, protein drinks, metabolic boosters and even anti-aging supplements. This company is by no means a small player, this is a large supplement company that’s profitable and legitimate. They have few online consumer complaints and are mostly well-received on social media. You can visit their website directly at

Reserveage Nutrition Wholeganic Greens Ingredients

Let’s be honest, ingredients matter when it comes to green superfood powders. In this case, I can appreciate Wholeganic Greens ingredients for being lengthy and versatile in nature. The fact is, if you do buy Wholeganic Greens or you already have a container of it that your weird uncle gave you for Christmas, all is definitely not lost. Wholeganic Greens divides its blend up into 5 distinctive categories. I should note, all of Wholeganic Greens ingredients are organic, which is an enormous benefit to the health-conscious consumers who tend to buy superfood green drink powders.

Organic Fermented Grasses

Barley, Alfalfa, and Wheat Grasses lead the charge here. You get 4000 mg’s total value here, and even better, Reserveage Nutrition discloses how much of each ingredient they put into their blends. This isn’t always the norm amongst green drink manufacturers making this a refreshing good start on the part of Wholeganic Greens. Aside from that digression, these grasses are incredibly essential to your health. You will find loads of B-vitamins, vitamin C, potassium, iron, and zinc in these healthy grasses. I have a full benefits of alfalfa grass article for your perusal.

Organic Sea Algae

You get 1125 mg of healthy sea vegetables. This means organic spirulina as well as organic chlorella broken cell wall. Chlorella is a powerful source of Chlorophyll. Now, Chlorella is considered a detoxification ingredient because of its ability to attach to heavy metals and transport them out of the body. Unless you live in Antarctica, you are exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis. And at that, even if you live in Antarctica, you are exposed to at least some heavy metals, and you likely do not have a decent cable provider. The detoxification element of this blend is huge.

Organic Veggies

Land vegetables are our most popular health infusers. Wholeganics Greens hit the mark on the main ones such as broccoli, kale. spinach, parsley, and carrot. This combination offers the human body a wealth of anti-inflammatory goodness. And anything that’s anti-inflammatory is by default, anti-cancer, and anti-degenerative disease. These are all expected additions that every decent green drink powder should have, which is why I’m not doing cartwheels over it. Also, I don’t know how to competently do a cartwheel, so there is that, as well.

Now, you get over 1,200 mg of organic veggies with Wholeganics Greens. You get over 15,000 with Total Living Drink Greens. TLDG and other major green drink manufacturers absolutely dwarf Wholeganic Greens. That said, you pay less for Wholeganic Greens (more on that below).

Organic Fiber

Chia seeds and inulin power the fiber blend. At 505 total mgs, that’s not a bad daily amount. Fiber helps us manage both our blood sugar and our appetites. People who eat a high fiber diet are commonly people who are better able to manage their weight. Here’s a Harvard study linking fiber and weight management. Chia seeds health benefits are spectacular as well.

Plant-based Enzyme & Probiotic Blends

The health benefits of fiber are largely expanded when paired with a good, non-dairy version of probiotics. And Wholeganic Greens does a decent job here. Probiotics are good bacterias which feed off of resistant starches and fibers in the digestive tract of the gut. And this process, when healthy, has been linked to improved brain function and fewer occurrences of symptoms related to anxiety and depression.

Here’s the full Wholeganics Green label.

wholeganic greens ingredients

The value of these combined ingredients isn’t bad. You are going to pay about a $1.20 per serving. That’s a great price, but, you get what you pay for. The decreased costs also rounds out to decreased nutritional potency as demonstrated in my compare and contrast example located in the sea vegetable section. Fact is, I could have compared and contrasted each section, but no one came here for redundancy.

Reserveage Nutrition Wholeganic Greens Taste

Yes, taste most definitely matters, but as I always say, these are healthy green superfood drinks, not Wendy’s Frosties. So throttle your expectations to the appropriate levels. That said, the taste is not bad at all. In fact, I’d almost call it tasteless, which makes me wonder how they do that. My thought process is that the lowered potency of the ingredients actually serves to benefit the taste factor by not allowing the typically bitter greens to infiltrate your taste buds in a dominant fashion.

Reserveage Nutrition Wholeganic Greens Nutrition

Between the sea and land vegetables and the organic grasses, you aren’t short nutritional density. There are lots of redeeming health benefits, such as B-vitamins and immune system boosting drivers in this blend. The problem, as I see it, is that the per-serving potency is so weak you’d need to drink a lot more of the stuff to ever achieve the full potential of such benefits. Negative Nancy, I am at times, but honest, I am in spades.


The list of ingredients is good. The lowered potency seems to contribute to a more pleasing taste experience. This could be a beneficial factor for parents looking to slip healthy greens into their kids’ drinks. I like the fact that the company discloses the total amounts of each ingredient. I also like that probiotics are included. The value isn’t bad, but it is a cheap green drink experience.


Very little potency and completely non-competitive with the big green drink companies.


Reserveage Nutrition Wholeganics Greens is simply not a candidate for my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list, even when we account for the cheaper price. Affordability certainly is a driving factor in these reviews, however, not at such relevance that we can sacrifice the entire point of the drink as a byproduct. Potency matters.