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Updated 03/30/2020: 

The following Pure Synergy review will examine this superfood green drink powder closely by looking at the superfoods, nutritional ingredients, taste and establishing an overall value.

What Is Pure Synergy?

Pure Synergy Superfood is a privately & family owned company who continues to stand firm on their small company values and carry bragging rights for 30+ years for being one of the pioneers of green drink powders.

As part The Synergy Company, these visionaries were “green” before it was cool with their eco-conscious philosophy: “The Synergy Company is founded on the premise that good faith, integrity and environmental responsibility are eminently compatible with good business.”

We love mom & pop small businesses, so far impressive!  Let’s now take a look at the ingredients, taste, and overall bang value of this product.


This very well could be the largest algae section in a green drink with a superb 10+ ingredients segment of algae.  We’re going to highlight a few special algae:

  • Klamath is the ultimate brain food.
  • Dunaliella is arguably the most dense food source on the planet and amongst a host of other benefits, contains the highest source of minerals like magnesium that plays a vital role in cellular health.
  • Wakame helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and is naturally power packed with Vitamins A,C,E,K,D, and B2.
  • Bladderwrack (the name makes me laugh) stimulates the thyroid gland as treatment for obesity and cellulite.

That’s a serious algae panel! Seriously, we’ve only touched on a handful…you’ve got to admit this is pretty impressive. Many of the algae are in crystal form and seem to be the elixir to Pure Synergy Superfood.

You always hear, “Eat your sprouts”, but do you ever question why? Pure Synergy’s fruit and vegetable section contains organic, sprouted versions of key ingredients from millet, quinoa, to raspberries, green papaya and so much more. Why is sprouted so important?  Sprouted produce activates enzymes and makes phytonutrients (plant-nutrients) extremely easy to ingest within your system.



This product also includes a broad immune building, energy, and overall physical support from mushrooms and herbal ingredients.  Although there are over 20 total ingredients in this section, the total amount is less than 3 grams.  Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to have higher potencies of a few of these ingredients rather than miniscule amounts of a lot?  Sometimes manufacturers will just want to be able to showcase the ingredient on the label but the amounts are so low that they really don’t have all that much health impact.

Pure Synergy has a noteworthy superfood section taking into consideration that each body is unique, thus the range of ingredients.  Unfortunately, this product also seems to be careless. How so?  Their antioxidants are listed as only 2 mg and the absence of probiotics is shocking. Is it a bad product?  No, it’s a good product…just one-dimensional.


We’ve tasted a lot of green drinks, and this one…it’s a bit tough to swallow.  Don’t mind the earthy taste, but it’s the bitter undertone that just makes it a challenge to go back for more. Take into consideration; The Synergy Company does not compromise their products by trying to mask the bitterness with sweeteners.  Kudos to them for that!  So, if you’re new to the green drink world, Pure Synergy is best used within a smoothie and/or an organic fruit juice.


Ready for the value?  For 12 grams per day, you’ll pay approximately $55 for a 30-day supply.  That’s $1.83 per serving, and yes, that’s a bit overpriced per serving, but keep in my mind the quality of their ingredients.  Here we go again, great quality…however, you’re just not getting the maximum benefit of each ingredient in 12 grams per serving.

The Good

  • EVERYTHING is certified organic!
  • 60 high quality ingredients
  • All products are created in their manufacturing plant…talk about quality control
  • All elements are in the most bio-available compositions

The Bad

  • With 60 ingredients, only 12 grams per serving is disappointing as the strength of the ingredients are reduced, however, 12 total grams is a fairly decent amount of total nutrition
  • The taste…rather not have the lingering bitterness

Bottom Line

All in all, Pure Synergy is a remarkable product made by an impressive company.  Their commitment to quality is evident in the way they run their company, and create their products. The Pure Synergy blueprint, although one-dimensional without probiotics and just a tiny amount of antioxidants is still a very good superfood powder. They’ve been around a long time, so they’re clearly doing something right and we love the fact that they have their own manufacturing facility for complete control.

We hope this Pure Synergy review has been helpful and will give you the confidence you need to make a buying decision.[hr]


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