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It Works Greens ReviewOverview

It Works Greens made by the multi-level-marketing company by the same name, It Works, is an uber-popular green drink that is heralded loudly by legions of people. This It Works Greens review will try and extrapolate the facts from the hyperbole.

The very first thing to consider is that the company It Works is a MLM, meaning you can become a distributor of their products and start a home-based-business. And there’s nothing wrong with that… network marketing or multi-level-marketing is a powerful opportunity that has tremendous upside.

And it looks like the It Works distributors are having a blast!

IT Works “Join the Party” Video

What’s Wrong With Multi-Level-Marketing?

This website is about analyzing the quality of green superfood drinks -not promoting home-based-business opportunities. And as so often is the case, nutritional supplements that are sold through MLM’s are generally lower in quality than those sold through more conventional models.

And It Works Greens does not contradict this rule of thumb.

Why do supplements sold through MLMs typically suck? Generally speaking, and there are exceptions (like Shakeology), in order to accommodate the multiple levels of commissions that are paid to the distributors, the manufacturing costs of the products must be low. And what’s worse, to achieve a decent net profit, the cheap product must be sold at a high price. A double whammy.

And the only way to get the masses to spend a lot of money on a cheap product is to hype the hell out of it and convince the customers that they can get rich selling it to their friends and family. This is in a nutshell the inherent problem with MLM’s selling supplements. Brilliant really. Turn your customers into sales people.

It Works Greens is a low-potency product that was created to support the growth of a MLM company instead of a genuine tool to support the health of people. Sound harsh? Go to the home page of the official It Works website. Click Here.

Where is the emphasis being placed? The money-making opportunity or the products? Enough said.

The Good

Look, It Works Greens has a lot of healthy ingredients. Algae, fruits, vegetables, herbs… there’s nothing in this formula that isn’t healthy. The product claims a “trinity” of benefits in the form of Alkalizing, Balancing and Detoxification.

It’s true that eating dark green, leafy vegetables and other proven superfoods will contribute to a healthy pH balance, offer a balanced diet and help to naturally detoxify the system. It Works Greens contains 52 herbs and superfoods and 34 fruits and vegetables according to their website.


The Bad

The bad news is that It Works Greens has very little potencies. The label says that you get 4 grams of nutrition per serving and if you add up the two ingredient sections it comes to 2.5 grams per serving. There’s around a gram and a half that is unaccounted for.

But even if you were ingesting a full 4 grams of superfoods per serving, that’s not an overwhelming amount of nutrition. Their label says that you are getting 10 calories. Let me repeat that… 10 calories.

Can I put that in perspective? One medium sized apple is about 100 calories. Apple is the first ingredient listed in their fruit blend. So the total caloric value of 1 serving of It Works Greens would be about one-tenth of a medium sized apple and remember, they claim that there are 52 herbs and 34 fruits and veggies in each serving. And they all combine to provide 10 calories of nutrition.

The question is, how minuscule is the amount of each ingredient in this product?

Taste and Value

The taste of It Works Greens is just fine. Has a fruity pleasant taste. It mixes well with any liquid. I prefer the berry flavor over the orange flavor. They did a good job with this component. I doubt anyone would stop taking the product based on how it tastes.

I already touched on value. There are far, far better value options with other green drinks reviewed on this site. I’ll break it down…

A 1-month supply of It Works Greens is $33. This breaks down to $1.10 per serving. So for a buck a serving you are getting around 4 grams and 10 calories of nutrition. Let’s look at other similar cost-per-serving green drinks for comparison.

It Works Greens

Cost Per Serving:        $1.10
Grams Per Serving:     4
Calories Per Serving:   10
Cost Per Gram:             $.28

Green Vibrance

Cost Per Serving:        $1.67
Grams Per Serving:     12
Calories Per Serving:   45
Cost Per Gram:             $.14

Garden of Life 

Cost Per Serving:        $1.15
Grams Per Serving:     9
Calories Per Serving:   25
Cost Per Gram:             $.13

Emerald Balance

Cost Per Serving:        $1.30
Grams Per Serving:     10
Calories Per Serving:   40
Cost Per Gram:             $.13

As you can see, the cost-per-gram for It Works Greens is basically twice as expensive as other popular, more potent green drinks. And though this does not take into account “what the grams are made of” all of these comparison green drinks are very high quality products.

And take a look at the value of It Works Greens compared to the Total Living Drink Greens and Shakeology, both considered to be top-shelf green drinks.

Total Living Drink Greens

Cost Per Serving:        $3.33
Grams Per Serving:     40
Calories Per Serving:   120
Cost Per Gram:             $.08

Shakeology Greenberry

Cost Per Serving:        $4.30
Grams Per Serving:     40
Calories Per Serving:   140
Cost Per Gram:             $.11

It Works Greens Conclusion

It Works Greens is a market-driven product that was conceptualized as a money-making product for a multi-level marketing company rather than a health-driven product that can have a genuine, therapeutic impact on the body.

But it doesn’t mean it’s a horrible product. It just means that you are buying a more expensive product that delivers much less nutrition than other green drinks. And if you are in business for It Works and are making money by getting this product in other people’s hands, more power to you and keep it up!

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We are compensated for this review.

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