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Heart Works Review – Is it Worth the Money?

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Heart Greens ReviewThe goal of our Heart Greens review is to help you decide if this superfood green powder is right for you. In the review, we will talk about Heart Green’s pitch that supplementing with Heart Greens can lead to a healthier heart. We will also talk about whether or not Heart Greens could help you look more like Vin Diesel because everyone should want to look like Vin Diesel.

The maker of this green superfood powder is Human Power of N. Heart Greens is their tenth installation into their product line. According to the producer, people who use Heart Greens should expect healthy blood pressure and healthy circulation and increased energy. Our Heart Greens review discuss taste, value, nutrition and one of the greatest action movie stars of all time, Vin Diesel.


What’s in it? The core competency of a superfood powder can be found in the wealthy array of superfoods found inside it. In the case of Heart Greens, it contains kale, wheat grass, barley grass, spinach, inulin, and spirulina.

The spirulina is found relatively low on the list of ingredients, so we’d surmise from that that spirulina is found in lower doses. Spinach is an amazing source of fiber, vitamins E, K, C and A. It also has some vitamin B6, folate, and calcium. Spinach is so powerful; sailors frequently ate it directly from cans while flexing their biceps (that was too hard to resist, folks). Kale, the sister of spinach as I like to inaccurately term it, is the number one listed ingredient.

The natural lemon flavor and stevia are both used to create a pleasant taste profile (more on that below). The stevia is used as a natural (debatable) alternative to sugar.


So what’s good? Getting your daily greens is highly beneficial, lowers your risk of cancer and can help keep your heart healthy. Higher fiber makes you feel fuller and benefits your weight loss and weight management; the taste is good in the sense it does a good job concealing the taste of typical plant.


The bad is that the variety of greens is rather an overstatement by the product’s manufacturer. You are mostly getting some kale and spinach, which in their own right are significant health infusions, you could do better buying various other green powders.


This is where Heart Greens stands high amongst the competition. It tastes exquisite. For those who don’t like that plant taste leafy greens inherently possess, you’ve found a winner. Now, the lemon flavor is a big part, but the stevia used to sweeten it is an even more calculated modifier. Here’s the thing, for some people, they react to stevia in the same way they respond to regular ole’ sugar. But for others, they do great on stevia. The point being, stevia is likely the core competency of the great taste, so consider that into your decision equation.

In conclusion, Heart Greens is exactly what it says it is, but the value simply isn’t there. And in the end, you could do a whole lot better. Vin Diesel would be unlikely to buy Heart Greens because Vin Diesel accepts nothing less than a big flex of value.

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