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greenergyproduct-1Energy First Greenergy is manufactured by a company called, Energy First (stands to reason, huh). On Energy First website, you will find they mostly sell Whey protein energy bars. Throughout our Energy First Greenergy review, we found the superfood green powder drink to be an average accomplishment. Remember when Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen on Two And A Half Men? You thought, “this isn’t horrible, but honestly, it could be better considering how good we’ve seen it be.” My Energy First Greenergy review is going to feel much the same (just warning you).

The drink’s focus is on two grass powerhouse nutrients, spirulina, and alfalfa leaf. Both of these are something everyone should take at least a few times a week. In this way, Greenergy has something notable happening.

The problems begin to rear their ugly heads when we look at the rest of Energy First Greenergy’s nutrition profile (more on that below).

The value is decent. The manufacturer certainly isn’t attempting to rip you off. You get what you pay for, full ingredient list notwithstanding. But an average green drink Greenergy turns out to be.

Energy First Greenergy Ingredients

One of the downsides to Energy First Greenergy is that many of its ingredients are fillers. In other words, they have no real or substantial nutritional value. For example, Barley Malt Extract and Brown Rice Syrup Solids. So let’s focus on the ingredient which matter.

Spirulina: A great source of phytonutrients such as carotenoids. Also has vitamins A, K1, K2, B12 and iron.
Alfalfa leaf: Vitamins A, C, E and K4. Some people use it to treat high cholesterol and asthma.
Wheatgrass: Vitamins A and B complex. It also contains a blood builder called chlorophyll.
Ginkgo Biloba: Often recommended for those suffering from depression.
Echinacea: Recommended as a way to stave off colds and flus.
Broccoli powder: Potassium, copper and vitamin B1 are among the list, but keep in mind, this one is low on the ingredient list so you aren’t likely getting a large amount.

There are also phytonutrients and probiotics.

Past all of that, a major issue arises with Greenergy superfood: Proprietary blends. This means they aren’t disclosing the full ingredient list to us. Some manufacturers try to justify this based on “secret formulas,” but the fact is, a true superfood green drink should disclose all ingredients.

The poor approach to labeling causes us to feel a bit wary of Energy First Greenergy.

Check out the label below:


How Does Energy First Greenergy Taste?

Earthy and grassy, but that’s to be expected. The ingredients do not include sugars, and it has few fruits, so it is tough to cut the grassy taste of the healthy greens. If it tasted any other way, I’d say it was not a healthy option. Let’s be honest; green superfood drinks aren’t supposed to taste like milkshakes, folks.

The Value of Energy First Greenergy

Energy First Greenergy has some legitimate value. At $1 per serving, you’re definitely beating the “cup of coffee” a day price tag. But at the same time, many competitors who come in around $3 per serving are also offering four times the superfood green ingredients that Energy First Greenergy offers. That’s substantial.

But here’s the thing, Energy First Greenergy still might cut the cost for someone looking to get a green superfood drink without paying the higher price point. Sure, you get less bang for your buck, but you spend less overall. It comes down to preference.

The Good

  • The value per serving is solid
  • Alfalfa leaf and spirulina are quality grasses
  • Taste is good enough
  • Probiotics and phytonutrients are present

The Bad

  • It’s just an average drink
  • Too many filler ingredients
  • Proprietary ingredients mean we don’t completely know the full story


Energy First Greenergy is a good product. It includes some quality ingredients which could most certainly build on a person’s health profile. The value is good. The taste isn’t bad. But there are lots of filler products which aren’t necessary, and we can’t confirm the legitimacy.

You can buy Energy First Greenergy at this link.

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