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A CytoGreens review is what you want, a CytoGreens review is what you get. I’ve received a number of inquiries over CytoGreens over the course of the past couple of months. Does it work? Does it have side-effects? And lastly, are other CytoGreens reviews legit? Should you immediately jump to our top superfood green drink reviews and just skip this one? Nah, I think it is worth sticking around for, but in the end, you might do best bouncing over to those more proven green drink powders.

download (32)Firstly, it is important to understand what CytoGreens is trying to sell you. If you buy CytoGreens, you are buying a green superfood drink that claims to boost your health with a daily supply of leafy greens. One of CytoGreens main claims to health fame is that it possesses chlorella. CytoGreens claims it can help your pH balance by neutralizing your body’s acidic composition which usually occurs from over-consumption of meats and processed foods.

The devil is in the details, however, as it always seems to be. So let’s get our hands a little dirty, shall we?

CytoGreens Manufacturer

Who makes a green superfood powder is important. The Internet is ripe with companies trying to scam you, particularly in the coveted weight loss and health verticals. I know I’ve had some bad experiences myself (which is why I always include the manufacturer aspect in my reviews).

CytoGreens is made by a company called Nova Forme. They make several health powders, including protein bases.

Here’s a few captured from their website:

download (31)

They have a solid reputation with consumers, I was unable to find any glaring issues or negative consumer reports. They claim all their products to be “100% filler free and contain no artificial colors or dyes..” I’d agree with this statement.


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting CytoGreens to be that great; but the honest truth is, it really is a solid product.

The two big marquee ingredients are spirulina (1251 mg) and chlorella (1104 mg). Spirulina is a powerful nutrient-dense ingredient. It contains almost 4000% the iron that spinach does. Somewhere, Popeye is turning in his grave (assuming he’s dead, I suppose). It also has almost 3000% the beta-carotene that carrots do. Yeah, that’s some powerful stuff.

Chlorella is no joke either. Iron, protein, magnesium and a slew of amino acids are a staple of chlorella’s nutrient profile. Chlorella also contains a heavy amount of chlorophyll, which has detoxifying capabilities.

There is 500 mg of prebiotics. Prebiotics are used to feed probiotics, which are your gut’s friendly bacteria. This can mean improvements in your mood and overall health.

CytoGreens ingredients also include antioxidants such as acai berries and amla berries. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, antioxidants are most certainly needed in your diet. They fight free radicals and help your immune system. They protect your cells from damage and there is good supporting evidence that they also help protect you from cancer.



Nova Forme sells CytoGreens taste as “acai berry green tea flavor.” Depending on your taste buds, that may or may not seem exciting to you. For me, it sounds great. I found the taste to be very good. They use Stevia to sweeten up the earthy base of the green drink. To be honest, I found it to taste a bit refreshing. It is a health drink, so you shouldn’t expect it to taste like lemonade.

The value is crazy good. We found it available on Allstar Health for $50, which yields 60 servings. And that means you pay less than $1 per serving. That’s some of the best value I’ve seen. The only issue I have is that it doesn’t contain probiotics, only prebiotics, so you might have to consider the cost of probiotics if you want CytoGreens to be really effective.


Super nutrient dense. The taste is really good (though that’s a subjective statement). It contains antioxidants in spades, which is a wonderful health protector. Prebiotics are contained in CytoGreens ingredients in heavy amounts which are awesome.


It contains a heavy amount of green matcha, which has a lot of caffeine. If you are caffeine sensitive, this is not the green drink for you. Although CytoGreens contains prebiotics, it doesn’t seem to contain probiotics, which work in combination. That’s a bit odd and wasteful on their part. This means you’d need to buy your own probiotics to get the most out of CytoGreens.


This is a worthwhile purchase, particularly due to the extreme value of the product. You can compare CytoGreens with the rest of our top superfood green drink reviews and see how it matches up. I do feel there are better options, that said, CytoGreens is a good buy. You certainly aren’t getting ripped off.

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