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Country Farms Super Greens ReviewCountry Farms Super Greens Review | Overview

So you’ve been wanting to get your superfood drink on. And you’ve come across Country Farms Super Greens. And you think, is this super food drink made on a pig farm by a bunch of old men who are eating bacon and biscuits every morning? The truth is, I can’t answer that question other than to say “what’s in a name” isn’t always, “in a name.” My Country Farms Super Greens review will reveal to the world, a product that reflects just that. And I don’t mean pig farmers creating superfood blends. I mean, a superfood drink that “unimpresses” as much as it impresses.

Super Food Green drinks are an expensive burden (or they can be). But they are also a time saver and an incredible accomplishment in amazing health benefits at a desirable level of convenience. Country Farms Super Greens is a superfood green drink that contains various fruits, vegetables, and probiotics. It also claims to have some fiber and omega 3 fats. It also claims to be organic and intended to be used for weight management.

Country Farms Super Greens Company

Country Farms is the maker of Country Farms Super Greens. And I suppose that would make sense. They have a website from which you can order and learn more (here). The website is well-done, professional, and features an attractive girl drinking Country Farms Super Greens through a straw. My guess is that’s a stock image. I’m pretty much a genius. Country Farms also carries cleanses and protein drinks. They market based on a non-GMO and organic platform.

The company is legit. I wouldn’t personally fear buying any product from them in terms of scams or illicit activities. They are on the up-and-up. Customers seem to have good experiences in both customer service and purchasing. I fear them not. And this proves they aren’t just a few pig farmers tossing up superfood green drink ideas over hash browns and gravy.

Country Farms Super Greens Ingredients

And now for the million dollar question. What are Country Farms Super Greens ingredients? Well, this is the good and the bad.

Let’s get down to the good, first. Their superfood drink is essentially composed of wheat grass, spirulina, pea protein, alfalfa, aloe vera and barley grass. That’s a solid lineup at 9 grams. There are a whole lot of other ingredients listed. But its hard to say what impact they’d have seeing that Country Farms doesn’t disclose their ingredient amounts. While that’s not abnormal, it doesn’t make it any less annoying. They have 28 ingredients listed on the label. You can see them all below.

country farms super greens ingredients

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So they’ve compacted 28 ingredients into a 100 mg concoction? My goodness, this is pretty much a superfood drink sin. You can’t be getting much of any of this. Why even do it? Oh, for marketing purposes. “35 Magnificent Ingredients” but they fail to mention you get a pebble’s portion of each, rendering the situation mostly useless. So it’s basically a 7 ingredient drink with some egregious stretch marketing.

But all’s not lost when it comes to this Country Farms Super Greens review. Their probiotics are pretty legit. I’d list those names out, but let’s be honest, none of us can likely pronounce them. So I’ve taken the intellectual path of red arrowing them for you.


Probiotics are good for you. Probiotics are expensive for you. This is solid added value here.

Country Farms Super Greens Supplement Facts

Country Farms Super Greens Taste

The taste is generally considered good, that’s mostly due to the presence of fruit. Fruit can liven up the taste of anything, of course. You can mix it with almond milk or even orange juice to improve the taste if it bothers you. That’s always the good side of these superfood drinks, you have lots of mixing options.

Country Farms Super Greens Nutrition

The core ingredients are highly nutritional items. Wheat grass contains a lot of vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin C and 17 amino acids. Spirulina has more beta-carotene than carrots (that’s a big wow factor, friends). Spirulina is also loaded with iron, as in more iron than spinach. Popeye is rolling over in his grave right now. The probiotics are solid. The pea protein gives you a vegan protein and helps the drink satiate you.

Country Farms Super Greens Value

This part of our Country Farms Super Greens review isn’t too shabby, folks. At $25 you get 14 servings. You’ll pay around $55 for a one-month supply, depending on coupons or deals. Oddly, if you do the label math, you come up with around 10 grams. They pitch that you get 20 grams. Filler, anyone?


They use organic and non-GMO. It’s all organic. Lots of good probiotics.


The label is manipulative at egregious levels. That makes it a bit too difficult for me to completely trust them with anything else. You really only get around 7 true ingredients, the rest are just peppered in their for marketing purposes. The label math doesn’t work out at all. It feels shady, but maybe check out some other Country Farms Super Greens reviews and see if things get better. Lots of people on Amazon enjoy it, but I always wonder if those reviews are fake.


I would check out our top superfood green drink reviews and cut your losses. You just lost a few minutes reading about this inferior product.

I would try something like Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens. This is a full meal replacement drink that works. And they don’t BS their label.

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