Barlean’s Greens Review

Barlean Greens Review

Organic_Greens-_112016If you have ever walked through a major retail store, you’ve likely seen Barlean’s Greens drink powder containers. My Barlean Greens review is based on lots of consumer inquiries via emails asking “is Barlean’s Greens good for you?” In short, not if you have to visit Costco to get it. I’m kidding, nothing wrong with Costco other than the parking lots being filled and people running into you with their carts. Barlean’s Greens powder is sold all over the place in their branded, recognizable containers.

My Barlean’s Greens review is less fascinated with how you can get the stuff (that’s obvious), I’m more focused on the whole…is Barlean’s Greens good for you? Does it contain a competitive value? Are Barlean’s Greens ingredients top-shelf? Is Barlean’s Greens covering up the existence of Big Foot? I can already tell you, they aren’t (covering up Big Foot’s existence) they are, however, offering some solid consumer value and healthy, organic ingredients.

Barlean’s Greens Nutrition

In terms of superfoods, Barlean’s Greens powder list all their ingredients as organic and natural. They list the entire superfood blend at a total of 6 grams per serving. That’s not bad at all until we see that the manufacturer, Barlean’s Organic Oils, LLC, doesn’t fully disclose the ingredients totals. They simply toss them all in under the coveted and protected blend. This means you haven’t a clue regarding how much of what you get. You know you get some organic spinach, you just aren’t sure how much of each you get.

You can see the label here. I created some fancy red arrows to demonstrate my point.


Outside of the fact that they don’t disclose individual ingredient totals, the ingredients themselves are really good.

Barlean’s Organic Greens contains two superfood grasses in barley and oat grass. It contains some organic spinach. There is flaxseed (500 mg) which is wonderful fiber source, as well as a great source for Omega 3 Fatty Acids. As you can see from the label, it does contain a good supply of antioxidants.

What don’t I like? My Barlean’s Greens review found that it contains stevia. OK, nothing super scientific or investigative about that, I just read the label. I’m not a stevia hater, per say, but recent studies have shown that artificial sweeteners such as Stevia do elicit an insulin response. Yes, this means that many artificial sweeteners might be causing obesity at similar rates to sugar. So why would stevia be added? To make the product’s taste more palatable.

Another issue is that the superfood grasses are are whole food powders instead of juice extracts. Juice extracts are the way to go. I prefer Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens because it opts for juice extracts over whole food powders.


It ends up costing you about $1.50 per 8 gram serving from the 240-gram container. This is when you measure the size of serving against a total manufacturer cost of $44. However, I’ve found it on Amazon for much less. Additionally, retail stores may have ongoing specials as well. You can buy it directly from the manufacturer here, but I’d suggest Googling or hitting the store. Furthermore, I’d strongly suggest you check out our top superfood green drink reviews so that you can weight out some options. There are green drink powders which offer much better value.

Taste | Does Barlean’s Greens Taste Good?

I think it tastes just fine, but I’m also used to drinking green drinks. This is a health drink experience, not a Wendy’s Frosty, so you should set your expectations as such. I have seen a number of Barlean’s Greens reviews saying they didn’t like the taste of it at all. Were these first-time green drink experiences? We can’t really know that. Most likely you are adding in a green drink powder as a way to boost your health, not for a fun drinking experience, so you just have to consider the whole deal.

What’s Good?

Barlean’s Greens is all organic. The superfood ingredient list stacks up well against most major competitors. Many people enjoy the taste of it. The value is competitive.

What’s Bad?

The manufacturer doesn’t disclose ingredient totals on the label, which leaves the consumer guessing how much of each superfood ingredient is in the product. I’m not a fan of the addition of stevia, as research strongly suggest it elicits an insulin response which is linked to increased obesity rates. I don’t put much stock in taste as it is subjective, but I do see a number of reviews having people hate the taste of Barlean’s Greens powder.


This is a legit product, you certainly aren’t getting scammed. I think you could definitely find better options on our top superfood green drink reviews list, but Barlean’s Organic Greens is certainly no slouch. It’s all organic and easy to purchase. You could look at other Barlean’s Greens reviews as well if you still aren’t sure, but I mean, I’d say we summed it up rather nicely.

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