Abundant Greens Review

abundant greens reviewAbundant Greens Review

Just because today’s Abundant Greens review doesn’t alter or change my current top 10 superfood green drink reviews list doesn’t mean that Abundant Greens is no good. What it means is that Abundant Greens as a supplement green superfood powder is not nearly robust enough to make my comprehensive drink list. The lower cost of Abundant Greens certainly has its place in terms of redeeming qualities for those in search of an economic experience, however, the top list is reserved for the big boys such as Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens.

Make no mistake about it, Abundant Greens is popular and nutrient dense and affordable. But what it isn’t is nutrient-versatile. Abundant Greens is Keanu Reeves while Total Living Drink Greens and the rest of the top list is more like Al Pacino. Keanu Reeves is amazing as the same character over and over while Al Pacino is amazing as a blind pick up artist, a drug lord, and the son of a major mafia kingpin. Nothing wrong with some Point Break, not at all, but the dimensions simply are not there.

Abundant Greens isn’t trying to make itself more than it is. What it is is a basic supplement. And it knows this. It isn’t walking around the campsite bragging about a fish it let go, it’s telling you that dinner tonight is a mediocre bass. Abundant Greens doesn’t put on a full show, it contains exactly what it claims to: a handful of worthy greens. As long as you don’t go into this gig with too high of expectations and saving money is important to you, then you are going to be just fine. If this sounds like you, finish this Amazing Greens review. If this does not sound like you, pop back up a few paragraphs and click on one of those other links.

Abundant Naturals Company

Abundant Naturals is the manufacturer of Abundant Greens. Between the company name and the product name, one might call them Redundant Naturals. I’m just kidding, that was awful. They have an Amazon store that has a 4.4 star rating, which is more than solid. Most of their product reviews are great. As mentioned earlier, they aren’t trying to break any molds, just get in where they fit in. Abundant Naturals is based out of Sarasota, Florida. They are a family owned company whose only product is Abundant Greens.

Here is a picture of Urszula and Joe, the owners of Abundant Naturals, looking happy as heck.

abundant naturals owners

Seriously, if drinking Abundant Greens will make me THIS happy, consider me in. They claim they use organic ingredients “as much as possible.” Their mission is to supplement people with nutrient nourishment missing in the standard American diet.

Abundant Greens Ingredients

Abundant Greens is a simple and single-dimensional experience and it shouldn’t be mistaken for anything more than that. Because confusing it with one of the big green superfood drinks only means feeling let down. But ingredients section of this Abundant Greens review certainly does have a number of inclusions to celebrate. For one, its all sourced from organic ingredients. For two, there are a lot of grasses, which most folks really don’t get enough of.

Organic Wheatgrass: Possessing more protein and vitamin E than spinach, or even broccoli, is just the beginning of how powerful wheatgrass is for your health. Wheatgrass has also been linked to helping to slow the aging process. None of us want to look old, wheatgrass tends to favor our youthful vibrance, which is a positive.

Organic Moringa Leaf: Moringa leaf is absolutely loaded with iron, even more so than Popeye’s can of spinach, if you can believe that. It is also a powerhouse when it comes to calcium and potassium content. And its loaded with antioxidants.

Organic Chlorella: Chlorella is known in the health world as a “detox ingredient.” This is because chlorella leaches on to toxic metals and other bad things floating around the bloodstream. And then it carries them out. That’s how it has become to be known as a detox ingredients.

Organic Barley Grass: A comprehensive assortment of B vitamins can be found in barley grass. It is also full of iron and phosphorous. And like its sister, Alfalfa grass (also found in Abundant Greens), it offers many redeeming qualities to digestion.

Organic Spirulina: Like Barley grass, you are getting a solid infusion of B vitamins. But it is also high in magnesium and copper. B vitamins need to be taken with copper, this is often how people who supplement B vitamins get into trouble. Copper is extremely helpful in the presence of B vitamins.

Abundant Greens adds in organic stevia leaf for taste. This is their way of increasing sweetness without adding in fructose based sugars, even natural fruits. For someone adhering to a strict low-carb, sugar-free diet experience, Abundant Greens serves up a wonderful option.

In terms of value, let’s have a closer look.

You get 38 servings with Abundant Greens. Each serving is a modest 6-grams. The most recent Amazon cost for Abundant Greens is $33.23. This means you pay about $1.14 per serving, sans any shipping costs which may or may not be involved. This product is available on Prime, but the manufacturer seems to raise the price of the product by a $1.60, so you need to take that into account.

This is what we call budget superfood drink value. It pretty much nails it. You just have to decide how much you are willing to scarifice in order to pay less.

Abundant Greens Taste

It is nothing to write home about, but the addition of Stevia really is nice for those on a low-carb diet who can’t endure another wretched soil taste on their palate. Because this is a primarily one-dimensional grassy experience, you are going to taste the soils of our fine earth, but not to an extent that it will turn you off. Additionally, you could add in your own berries to help amp up some excitement. If you hate the taste, it is easy to solve.

Abundant Greens Nutrition

While there are some redeeming qualities for digestion, this is mainly a grassy, green powder supplement. The greens and grasses included are loaded with superfood power. This is a true antioxidant load as well as a detoxification machine.


What’s in Abundant Greens is superb. Abundant Greens does pretend to be anything other than a full-fledged green powder. The actual powder is some of the finest I’ve ever seen. I mean that literally, it is ground up so fine that it mixes into a cup of ice water without the need for a blender.


While you will save money, you will lose out on a lot of other nutritional dimensions such as probiotics, heavy fibers and powerful berries. The savings come at a cost.


Abundant Greens doesn’t qualify for my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. But that certainly does not mean it doesn’t have a place in your cupboard. The drink is affordable and it is super easy to mix, making it a useful green powder to take on a road trip whereas you might not have access to a blender. You aren’t getting any probiotics, superfood berries or dense fibers. But what you do get is scientifically proven green superfoods that mix up easily and quickly into a glass of water.

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