Organic Red Supremefood Review

One of the most difficult portions in judging a superfood drink is including the value. Many consumers get confused when a berry superfood review goes up and asserts that the price, or value, is the main component of the review process. That’s proving to be the case once again with this Red Supremefood review.

Here’s the thing, if money is no object, jump out of this review and head over to our Total Living Drink Berry review. That’s the best berry superfood drink there is in terms of quality. But when it comes to price and value, if you are on a budget, Dr. Don Colbert’s Organic Red Supremefood is a true winner.

Red Supremefood is loaded up with vital superfoods, powerful probiotics, and essential fiber. Like its predecessor Living Green Supremefood, Red Supremefood focuses on gut health but with an exciting berry taste.

Divine Health and Dr. Don Colbert

dr don colbert

Dr. Don Colbert

Dr. Don Colbert has been featured in Fox News, The Dr. Oz Show, BBC, and he’s written articles for Prevention Magazine. He also has a New York Times best-selling book to add on to his vast resume of work in the field of holistic health. His best-seller, “Let Food Be Your Medicine,” recommends Red Supremefood as a solution to a number of ailments. His most popular product is the fermented Green Supremefood.

Dr. Colbert has commonly focused on the concepts of stress reduction, the power of daily superfoods, and the ketogenic diet. Often times, he preaches the ability to slow aging through diet and exercise.

He graduated from ORU Medical School in 1984.

He currently practices medicine in the state of Florida.

Here is Dr. Colbert and his son, Kyle, discussing the benefits of Red Supremefood.

Organic Red Supremefood Ingredients

In terms of Red Supremefood’s ingredient label, this product is relatively diverse and offers a lot of immunity and heart-healthy benefits.


The superfoods contained in Red Supremefood are apples, beets, raspberries, acerola cherries, blueberries, cranberries, pomegranates, pineapples, and acai.

This is a rather basic list that supports a basic berry superfood drink. But let’s not be shy in celebrating these power-packed superfoods.

Apples are a wonderful source of antioxidants that help the human body fight cancer. Furthermore, they are known to help people with diabetes manage their condition.

You probably don’t know a ton of people who eat beets. Maybe, just maybe, your grandma used to cook them. Even more so, you don’t have a lot of people eating them raw. The only way to really consumer these brain-health supporters and weight-loss accelerators in the raw is by way of a messy and inconvenient juicer. Or, by way of Red Supremefood.

The ellagic acid in raspberries is extremely anti-inflammatory. When it comes to a healthy heart and circulation, the raspberry wins the day.

Vitamin C is essential for immune system health. This is why the acerola cherry is such a solid addition to Red Supremefood ingredients.

For many Americans, cholesterol issues are frustrating and often lead to the prescribing of pharmaceutical medications. Thankfully, we have blueberries which are scientifically shown to improve healthy cholesterol balance in humans.

We know that the pineapple tastes great. We know its traditionally the core ingredient to fun smoothies. But did we know its great for the bones and eyes? The pineapple is a potent superfood, no doubt about it.


Fiber is an essential driver of intestinal, colon, and digestive health. Fiber is also essential at managing appetite. Per serving, you get 1.3 grams of flax seed and gum acai. flax seed is an amazing vegan source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

This isn’t mindblowing amounts of fiber, but again, the value of this drink is rooted deeply in the lower price point. By that standard, this additional fiber is a good addition.

Prebiotics / Probiotics

inulin prebiotic

Red Supremefood uses powerful inulin to support healthy probiotic bacteria.

Buying non-dairy versions of probiotics is often a pricey experience. Fortunately for consumers of Red Supremefood, you not only get vital probiotics, but you get the accompanying prebiotics as well. Many people don’t understand that without prebiotics, the probiotics have nothing to feed on and are often rendered less potent. Inulin is used as the undigestible prebiotic carb in Red Supremefood.

This is good stuff, but let’s not get too carried away by it. Often, powerful berry superfoods, such as Kylea’s Total Living Drink Berry, have prebiotics inside of their formulas without marketing it as such. If you eat healthy fibers, you most likely get some prebiotics. Inulin is an advanced form of prebiotic, no doubt, but you can also cook rice in coconut oil, then cool it, then eat it, and get some solid resistant starch/prebiotic.

Many fibers are already prebiotics.

I’m not taking Red Supremefood to task over their marketing, it’s all accurate and honest, I’m just infusing some perspective into the matter so that you don’t turn down another berry superfood drink you really like because they don’t advertise as having prebiotics. They probably do.

Organic Red Supremefood Ingredients

First and foremost, you need to realize that you aren’t buying Total Living Drink Berry, which is among our very top berry superfood drink powders. Comparing Red Supremefood to Total Living Drink Berry must include two essential factors.

  1. How much does it cost and what is the daily serving price point?
  2. What do you need?

Let’s start with the first question. Red Supremefood is priced at $38.99 on their website. You could check Amazon and potentially get a better deal. You get a 30 day supply for that price. This comes out to around $1.25 per serving. That’s an excellent price point, however, Red Supremefood is in no way a meal replacement superfood powder. While Total Living Drink Berry cost over twice that amount, it also replaces a meal. Now, the another negative is that those servings are only 6 grams. That’s a shade lighter than we like to see, but again, it is what it is.

This leads to our second question, what do you need? If you are someone who wants to eat eggs every morning and add on a berry superfood powder, Red Supremefood might be the winner. If you want a full-on meal replacement, then Red Supremefood might come up short.

Perspective is a powerful thing.

Organic Red Supremefood Taste

The berry is ‘berry berry’ strong with Red Supremefood’s taste. The lack of bitter greens pretty much eliminates any “soil” like taste and gives way to all the superfood berries. It mixes well with water and is a delight to drink.

Organic Red Supremefood Nutrition

With a slew of superfoods, some notable fiber, and an intelligent mix of probiotics and prebiotics, Red Supremefood is both an anti-inflammatory angel and a gut health savior. This formula is chock full of vitamins and minerals that are wonderful for the heart.


Red Supremefood is a powerful superfood and gut health drink that taste wonderful and comes at a budget price point. Divine Health and Dr. Don Colbert are a trusted brand with a history of successful products. The additional fiber and prebiotics help drive digestive system health.


This is not a meal replacement drink. While it is priced lower and appropriately, the 6-gram serving size and lack of protein mean you will most certainly not be able to skip meals.


The taste dazzles and the price point impresses, this Red Supremefood review passes all the quality test that any berry superfood drink should. If you are on a budget, Red Supremefood really gets the job done. I definitely recommend Dr. Colbert’s savvy and healthy play in the berry superfood market.


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