MacroLife Miracle Reds Review

Famous for their Macro Greens superfood formula, Macro Life Naturals looked to build off its success with Miracle Reds. This Miracle Reds review puts on display a pretty darn good berry superfood mix that’s manufactured by a trusted and popular brand.

While it isn’t a meal replacement solution, Miracle Red has all the hallmarks of a potent big brand superfood drink. Superfoods, fibers, antioxidants, probiotics, and even adaptogenic herbs are utilized to give the consumer a solid fill of nutrition and energy.

Miracle Reds is offered in a variety of pricing models, allowing consumers to give a try with much less attached risk. Additionally, organic and vegan formulas are a mainstay with all MacroLife Naturals products.

About MacroLife Naturals

macrolife naturals owners

MacroLife Naturals owners, Sylvia Ortiz and chiropractor Dr. Edward Wagner

MacroLife Naturals represents the epitome of big brand superfood powders. Owned by chiropractor Dr. Edward Wagner and fitness guru Sylvia Ortiz, Macro Life Naturals was conceived in the mid-90s and has been progressing full steam ahead ever since.

Ortiz is both a fitness and health expert that was inspired by her son’s depression to create a natural solution for mental health. Between Ortiz and Dr. Wagner, that came by way of their most famous product, Macro Greens.

Sylvia’s son ended up losing nearly 70 pounds.

Dr. Wagner got his experience in working with fitness giant Jack LaLanne, one of the most famous nutritional experts of all time. He received his chiropractic license in the late 70s.

Miracle Reds is a similar take to Macro Greens, with the exception of powerful berry taste. The company is as trustworthy as it is popular. Their company offers cleanse regimines and they are known advocates of safe drinking water in the state of California.

MacroLife Miracle Reds Ingredients

Miracle Reds is a rather highly comprehensive blend of vegan and organic superfoods. I take issue with their adaptogenic blend, as you will see below, but otherwise, they provide a lot of nutritional density in their formulas.


The thing I like about Miracle Reds ingredients is that MacroLife Naturals ran with a number of unique ingredients, such as boysenberry, elderberry, carrot, and papaya. These are three stellar superfood inclusions not all that commonly included in other competitive formulas.

Boysenberry benefits are considered by some to have “infinite health benefits.” That’s a rather bold claim, but the fact is, boysenberries are awesomely healthy. They are considered one of the best brain superfoods on earth. They are mega-rich in antioxidants. And they are considered to help the brain slow down the aging process.

For those people that struggle with frustrating sinus infections, the elderberry could be right up your alley. They are also considered a natural diuretic, thereby encouraging a healthy digestion. Not to mention, they tend to lower blood sugar in people who might be experiencing unhealthy elevated blood sugar levels.

Carrots are not just for your eye health, but they help that big old brain of yours improve function. They also taste pretty good and help prevent colds and cases of flu.

The papaya is loaded with antioxidants and is also great for the eyes. Papayas have been known throughout centuries by a multitude of tribal cultures to help propel weight loss.

Cherries, blackberries, and blueberries round out the diversified list of Miracle Reds ingredients. Blackberries are considered by some to be the healthiest berry in the world. Blueberries, like blackberries, are potent antioxidants.


Miracle Reds uses three fibers in their fiber formula:

  • Oat Beta-Glucan Fiber
  • Apple Pectin
  • Apple Fruit Powder

Fibers can help add in a little density to your drink so that you feel more full. This can help lower your daily calories, which in turn contributes to weight loss. Fiber is also wonderful for digestion. This is a decent formula. You get 865 mg of fiber per serving.


Probiotics are an ingredient that separates the superfood drink contenders from the superfood drink pretenders. If you don’t have probiotics in your superfood drink, you are missing out on a ton of additional value.

Miracle Reds uses non-dairy probiotics in their formula. They claim a number of 1 billion. I’m not sure who was tasked with doing all that tedious counting, but hey, hopefully, its close to that number. Your mental clarity, energy, and digestion all depend on a healthy gut bacteria balance.

Metabolic and Adaptogenic Blend

This is where I get uneasy with Miracle Reds. The overall formula is good, but calling raspberries, apricots and persimmon “adaptogenic” is a little oddball to me. Most people thing of ginkgo, ginseng, or even rhodiola rosea when they think of adaptogenic herbs. I’m not totally sure the logic here, but it is what it is.

MacroLife Miracle Reds ingredients

I think it’s important to realize that you aren’t buying a meal replacement drink such as  Total Living Drink Berry when you purchase Miracle Reds. This is not a meal replacement drink, it only has one gram of protein in it which is well shy of the meal replacement standard. No big deal, but this “should” mean the cost of the product is much lower than a meal replacement drink.

So let’s dive into the value math.

MacroLife Naturals offers their Miracle Reds product in a variety of sizes, which is good for the consumer, however, its imperative to assess the value of each.

Each serving is a heaping 9.5 grams, which is great.

  • 2 oz container: This is a total of 6 servings at a price point of $11.95. That’s nearly $2 per serving.
  • 12 packs: This is a total of 12 servings at a price point of $24.95. That’s nearly $2 per serving.
  • 10 oz container: This is a total of 30 servings at a price point of $42.95. (ok, now were are getting some savings). $1.43 per serving.
  • 20 oz container: this is a total of 60 servings at a price point of $59.95. Boom! Now we are at $1 per serving.
  • 30 oz container: This is a total of 90 servings at a price point of $99.95. Wait, what happened? Now we are at $1.10 per serving?

Ok, so while its odd that the largest container reverses back on value, the overall value assessment here is pretty positive. Your best deal is the 60 serving, or two-month container. You could opt for just 6 servings and lower your risk in case you don’t appreciate it. You have options.

MacroLife Miracle Reds Taste

Don’t go jumping out of your seat, but Miracle Reds has a really berry type flavor. Surprise. This stuff tastes superb in some almond milk, but it holds up really well in water.

MacroLife Miracle Reds Nutrition

A comprehensive mix of unique berries and superfoods like boysenberries and papaya and even carrots, mixed with probiotics and fiber, make Miracle Reds a potent nutritional option.


Miracle Reds contains boysenberries and elderberries, both of which are considered two of the healthiest superfoods you can find. The formula includes a probiotic blend. Its vegan and organic from top to bottom. The value per serving is by far as competitive as you will ever find on the market.


The adaptogenic blend is not what it seems. No protein, so it can’t be used as a meal replacement. The 90 day container cost more than the 60 day container, that’s just something to look out for when deciding what which option to purchase.


All the way around, this Miracle Reds review impressed me. I wrote it, so you know, I’m always impressed with me. But kidding aside, this formula has a load of nutritional density and probiotics and essential fibers. The consumer options for different sizes is great and allows for less risky purchases in the beginning. The serving sizes are larger than many other big brand superfood manufacturer’s formulas. All in all, Miracle Reds is a winner.