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Macro Greens ReviewThis Macro Greens Superfood review will take an in-depth look at this green drink powder, as it is an accomplished superfood drink formula that encompasses 38 ingredients.


Macro Greens Superfood by MacroLife Naturals was founded in 1998.  Nutrition, Health and Fitness expert Sylvia Ortiz and leading Chiropractor Dr. Edward Wagner take pride in their product line, creating something for every household member from adults to children. Need a boost of energy or a quick snack on the run? The superfood bar does the trick and they have many other products using high-quality superfoods.

But this is about their flagship product… their superfood green drink.

Superfoods in Macro Greens

Macro Greens Superfood has an excellent superfood panel that includes a number of organic ingredients, but two really stand out. Barley grass juice powder is terrific for more energy and better sleep. Spirulina powder is a beautiful blue-green algae rich in protein that helps boost your immune system, regulates your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Other superfoods incorporated to name a few: acerola (red berries having a high concentration of Vitamin C), apple fruit powder (most likely for the flavor), carrot (Vitamin A and the anchor for beautiful skin, cancer prevention, and anti-aging benefits), and much more.

Take the time and review all of the other superfood components to this product…we like how their label breaks down the superfoods in distinct categories that’s convenient for layman like us.  It’s refreshing to see some of the ingredients potencies (such as organic juice powders and barley grass & spirulina), whereas most green drink powders don’t bother.

We love the fact that their adaptogens (herbs that increase the body’s ability to adapt to stress and changing situations) are intended as metabolic enhancers and immune support with almost 11 ingredients and approximately 3 grams.

Overall…this is an impressive superfood panel, but what about the other components of green drink powders outside of the classic superfood veggies, grasses, and algae?



The “Nutrition” section of our review deals with the ingredients that fall outside of the superfoods category. Macro Greens Superfood radiates in this area.  It contains 18 billion units of probiotics and with that amount it shoots it up near the top echelon of our reviews!  Let’s face it, probiotics are vital to take daily and we’re thankful they were not forgotten in this formula.

Plus, let’s not forget the 200 mg of digestive enzymes: protease (process protein), cellulase (first treatment that attacks the structure of cellulite), amylase (helps digest carbohydrates), and lipase (helps the body absorb fat).

There’s an additional fiber in the form of apple pectin; flaxseed which is a huge source of omega-3 fatty acids; and MGS has a free radical fighting antioxidants section that includes acerola, green tea, grapeseed, and bioflavonoids (known as vitamin P).  An additional 1.5 grams of another 8 supporting herbs beneficial to the body in a variety of ways are included.


This is one of the better tasting green drinks we’ve sampled.  There’s something fruity about the taste and does a very good job of camouflaging the aftertaste of a healthy algae swamp…thanks spirulina!  If you struggle with the taste of green drink powders, simple add your daily serving to a smoothie or organic fruit juice.


Now let’s define the value.  MGS is 9.4 grams per serving. The 10oz, 30-servings, 283.5 grams canister is $42.95, so that’s $1.43 per serving… and breaks down to $.15 per gram.  That’s a little higher than some similar products, but still, a pretty modest price considering the well-rounded formula.

If you purchase the 30oz, 90-serving, 850-grams canister, this drops to $1.11 per serving and only $.12 per gram.  We say, the value of this product is satisfactory.

The Good

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  • Well-rounded, deliberate superfoods
  • Numerous certified organic and juice extract ingredients
  • Outstanding probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Extremely reputable company with an extensive line
  • Delicious and fruity tasting


The Bad

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  • $1.43 per 10 grams serving is a bit more expensive than other brands
  • Some folks don’t want to be pushed into a larger size just to save money


Bottom Line

Overall, Macro Greens Superfood is an exemplary green drink powder created by a respected company whose green formula is thoughtful, well balanced, and covers all the nutritional bases.

A tad more expensive than its two closest rivals (Vitamineral Greens and Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw), but an easy solution to that is to purchase the 90-servings canister!  MGS makes it on our top-tier list of our recommended green drinks.  There’s a couple products that we like more in terms of ingredients and taste… Athletic Greens (amazing taste) and Living Green Supreme Food (with fermented grasses), but you could do a whole lot worse than Macro Greens.

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