Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate Review

Without question, Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate is a power-packed berry superfood formula. Having been around for over 15 years, Living Fuel has really nailed the trendy berry superfood market.

In my Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate review, you will learn about a slew of potent ingredients and a fabulous tasting formula.

That said, Superberry Ultimate is a bit expensive and they pitch serving sizes in an odd way. You can scroll down the bottom of the Superberry Ultimate ingredients section to get the skinny on that.

This is top level stuff, no doubt about it. I’d give this review a read, you may end up going with a competitor, but Superberry Ultimate deserves everyone’s full consideration.

Living Fuel Company

KC and Monica CraichyOwners KC and Monica Craichy started Living Fuel after Monica, a former miss Florida winner, suffered depression and began to dabble in prescription medications. Monica was exasperated by downtrodden side effects from prescription medications and sought a more holistic approach.

That new approach turned out to be Living Fuel. Living Fuel has now been around since 2002 and is one of the strongest ongoing superfood brands today. They have impeccable customer service and are trustworthy.

KC is also the author of SuperHealth – 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality. They often speak at seminars on health and faith.

Living Fuel is definitely a trustworthy brand to purchase supplements from.

Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate Ingredients

Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate ingredients are potent, robust, and extremely diversified. The ingredients are exactly why this is one of the top ranking berry superfood drinks. All ingredients are organic and non-GMO.


Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate blends a number of vital superfoods along with protein, making it a solid play for a meal replacement powder.

Brown rice and Yellow pea protein (21.600 mg)

The great divide among superfood drinks are the divisions between whether or not they can serve a meal replacement drink. The addition of protein, which is used to satiate people, is the critical ingredient for a meal replacement superfood powder. Superberry Ultimate uses brown rice protein and pea protein (and, a lot of it, at that).

Freeze-dried Organic Superberry Complex

Strawberries: Loaded with more vitamin C than your morning OJ, strawberries not only boost your immunity, but they add in some incredibly vibrant berry flavor.

Raspberries: These berries have a well-documented history of benefiting people suffering from circulatory diseases. Additionally, raspberries are known as a “fountain of youth” for their ability to help stave off the effects of aging.

Blueberries: Powerful phytonutrient content contributes to a healthier heart.

Cranberries: An improved immune function and anti-cancer properties are just two benefits of cranberries.


Yet another home run for Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate, it has a number of fiber sources. Inulin, chia seeds (high in omega 3 fatty acids), and brown rice bran help to complement the formula’s protein, ultimately enhancing its meal-replacement aspect.

Organic raspberry

Raspberries are another powerful berry. In the case of raspberries, they contain quercetin and something known as gallic acid, both of which serve to fight against cancer.

Sea Vegetables

By way of Novia Scotia Dulse and Icelandic Kelp powder, Superberry Ultimate’s sea vegetable content is 2,000 mg. Manganese, vitamin C, potassium, iron, and iodine are just the start of sea vegetable benefits.

Enzymes / Probiotics

300 mg of enzymes in addition to 7.5 billion live organisms are a huge win for gut health. The Proteolytic Enzymes in Superberry Ultimate help to stave off cancer, prevent colon cancer and soothe symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. The probiotics used are non-dairy versions.

Amino Acids

Superberry includes 2,200 mg of amino acid content. Chief among them is glutamine, a powerful amino acid that is used by many athletes for muscle recovery. As well, glutamine is known to help boost the immune system and even benefit people suffering from depression. You get 1,000 mg of glutamine per serving. This formula also includes taurine, an amino acid which helps control blood glucose.


One of the most exciting herbs contained in Superberry Ultimate is ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo is an ancient and scientifically proven herb that helps with energy, sex drive, and concentration. Its even been linked to weight loss. Organic marshmallow root can help reduce inflammation in the respiratory system and benefit the digestive tract. One of the strongest antioxidants on earth, turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic cultures for centuries. Its well-regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties.

A slew of vitamins, antioxidants (green tea, grape seed skin, quercetin), and minerals round out a powerful Living Fuel Superberrry Ultimate ingredients formula.


Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate ingredients

Prepare, things are about to get confusing as we delve into Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate’s value.

The value of a superfood drink is calculated by taking all the advantages and benefits possessed by the drink and comparing and contrasting that with the price paid for it by the consumer.

Superberry Ultimate, unlike a number of our other top berry superfood drinks, is downright confusing in their “serving size” marketing. It seems they are attempting to make their product sound better than it really is. The ingredients in Superberry Ultimate are awesome and high-octane, that’s not in question. However, the price vs. serving sizes most certainly is, questionable.

It will cost you $99.97 for a BPA-free container of Superberry Ultimate. The official serving size is two-scoops, which amounts to 75.8 grams. That’s a lot of superfood serving, make no mistake about it. But if you do it the way they suggest, you only get 12 servings out of the container. That means a month’s supply, via their own serving size metrics, would be over $200!

This would mean $250 per month, based on their numbers. That would be an insane $8.30 per serving for a month’s supply!

Now, via the Living Fuel website, they specify that the 2-scoop serving is only for people looking for full meal replacement. In other words, you can take one scoop per day, an official half serving, and uses it as a “light meal that enhances your nutrition.” That cuts all those numbers above in half.

This could work, given that Superberry Ultimate is loaded with both protein and fiber. Additionally, it has a higher than normal fat count at 5.4 grams per serving that could help with satiation.

So what’s really happening here?

The true serving size is really one scoop per day. This puts Superberry Ultimate in the same sphere as many of the top meal replacement superfood drinks, such as Total Living Drink Berry, which is our top berry superfood drink powder.

Here are the real numbers, in my opinion:

Serving size 1 scoop. That’s 37.9 grams per serving. One container will then last 24 days, around 6 days short of a full month. Now you are at about $125 per month. You get slightly more grams per serving than Total Living Drink Berry, BUT, you may a heck of a lot more for them.

Why do they market it in such an odd way with servings?

Clearly, it benefits them for someone to buy more of their formula. It’s not egregious, this is quality stuff, but you need to break down the label (as I’ve done for you) to truly understand what you are getting. $120 a month for this potent a formula that contains sea veggies, superfoods, fibers, and proteins, is not bad. It’s not the best, but it’s pretty good.

Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate Taste

This stuff taste great. The berry flavors are intense, even when you mix it with water. I get no gritty aftertaste and the texture is smooth. It mixes into water as good as any. You could keep the container at your office and stir it into your cup of water and you’d come out darn good.

Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate Nutrition

Loaded, loaded, and then, more loaded. You can question Superberry Ultimate’s value, but you can’t question their commitment to potent superfoods, probiotics, enzymes, sea veggies, and vitamins. This stuff is even loaded with fiber. Superberry Ultimate is truly a meal replacement drink ranking amongst the top ones.


Superberry Ultimate is absolutely loaded with dense nutrition. It has nearly ever superfood and vitamin segment contained inside of it. Its loaded with fiber and protein, making it a viable meal replacement drink. The company has been around for over 15 years and has gained the trust of consumers that entire time. It contains sea veggies, probiotics and enzymes to boot.


It cost a bit more than it should, but not egregiously so.


This Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate review is nothing short of glowing. With the exception of the mildly inflated price point, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable meal replacement supplement that Superberry Ultimate. This stuff is as potent as any.