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Updated 04/01/2020: 


This Living Fuel Super Greens review is objective and fact based and examines one of the most complete green drinks in the marketplace.

Living Fuel Super Greens is a top seller in the overall market for a few good reasons: 1) Living Fuel, as in the company, is well-known and trusted as an exceptional source that boasts a fantastic line of products; 2) Living Fuel Super Greens covers all the bases. If your body needs it, this bad boy has it…all in one simple powder; 3) the quality of the source products is top-notch.

LFSG can be trusted to contain quality, organic ingredients packed with proteins, greens, probiotics, herbs, acids and antioxidants from some of the best power foods on the planet. Quality is what counts when we’re dealing with what goes in the body.


Living Fuel Super Greens has always been and will remain top-of-the-line. Period. LFSG delivers almost 30 grams of flawless organic produce and seeds in each serving. Each of these products is processed to deliver highly potent and concentrated servings of superfood greens. With nine panels of nutrition in each serving, LFSG rules on top with 20 grams of protein derived from a blend of yellow pea and brown rice—it’s almost ridiculous how good this stuff is.

Nutritional profiles for this product are among the best you will find—on all levels. The addition of chia seeds is a great source of omega fatty acids, which really puts LFSG ahead of the game. I am more than impressed with the comprehensive probiotic, antioxidant and amino acid profiles in LFSG, and for such a low price, it’s no surprise this is a top seller.

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The Good

  • LFSG does contain Chia Seeds, which provide those all-so-necessary omega fatty acids.
  • This product is an all-in-one that is packed with enough nutrients and calories to serve as a supplement or complete meal replacement.
  • Potent produce that provides quick turnaround of increased energy and improved health.

The Bad

  • Expensive! $75 is for a two-week supply. That’s $150 big-ones a month people!
  • LFSG contains vegetable powders opposed to juice extracts. If the juice is first extracted from the produce and then freeze-dried, and then powderized, the body is able to absorb the readily-available phytonutrients that go straight to work. It could be worse, but it is a setback for LFSG.
  • Taste and texture are both a bit ‘off’ with LFSG. Potent produce is tough to disguise. Adding to the unpleasant nature of this taste is the awkward texture of the drink. When chia seeds absorb liquid, they expand to something resembling large globs of tapioca. I can’t even say the word without gagging, so downing this drink is a bit of a challenge. Although for the sake of providing a fair critique, I am just a wimp…most people seem to be fine with it, and after some use, I have grown accustomed.

How to Use

As with all green supplement powders, it’s tough to mess it up. Per directions on the canister, two scoops equate a serving. Add to prepared smoothies, and adding ice chunks does help add texture to disguise the chia seeds. Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

Price and Value

The LFSG canister contains 14 servings and costs $74.97. I have heard some complaints that for only 14 servings the price is a bit steep, but come on, people. Add it all up. Look at what you are getting as far as quality product, add that up with the grams per serving, and then be grateful that you aren’t being charged $200 and having to pop pills like grandpappy! With just a couple scoops you are receiving more value and a higher quality of produce than is available in any supermarket.

All-in-all, I’m super impressed with LFSG. I would like to them delve into the world of juicing with their processing methods, but that would carry a higher price tag, so I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.  This is a great, quality product that delivers all the nutrients to a happy and healthy lifestyle! We hope you enjoyed our Living Fuel Super Greens review.[hr]

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