Is Chlorophyll Alkaline or Acid?

ChlorophyllYears ago, I began eating on what is known as an “alkaline diet.” I’m going, to be honest with you, my friends, an alkaline diet is far more socially egregious than a gluten free diet is, and that’s saying a whole lot because people hate the gluten free herd. Is chlorophyll alkaline or acid? That’s a question I had to ask myself eventually, but first, let’s discuss what “being alkaline” actually means.

In 2012, the Journal of Environmental Health discovered through a study that balancing the pH inside your body vastly lowered your risks from chronic diseases. It also sounded extremely cool to tell your friends (I’m kidding, they laughed in my face). Diabetes, hypertension, bone density issues and even people with vitamin D deficiency seemed to be related to a poor alkaline environment inside the body.

This change meant I would eat only highly alkaline foods. Vegetables and fruits became a main source of my diet. The most difficult change was lowering my meat intake. I started opting for more plant-based proteins as those are most associated with high alkalinity. Your body’s pH is tested via the pH output in your urine, so it is possible to test the body and know exactly how balanced your alkaline environment actually is. The more alkaline your urine is, the more protected your healthy cells are. So yes, I was eating loads of fresh vegetables, fruits and plant-based proteins. I was quickly the non-coolest person carrying a Whole Foods bag in my town.

Is chlorophyll alkaline or acid? This is a popular question I’ve seen asked on health forums everywhere. If you are unsure as to why anyone would ask this question, allow me to explain: 70% of wheatgrass is made up of chlorophyll. Healthy people often tend to take wheatgrass shots, or they use green superfood powders as a way to supplement with wheatgrass as well as a variety of other healthy greens. For example, I drink a Kylea Total Living Drink Greens once per day. It’s top of the top superfood green drink list. It has wheatgrass in it. So for me, the question of is chlorophyll alkaline or acid is super important for my dietary goals.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll increases oxygen levels in the blood. It is also known to cleanse the bowels and your live. In this way, it detoxifies the body’s healthy cells of crud. Detoxifying the body can make you feel as if you have new life. Too many people don’t understand how toxic their bodies are. Chlorophyll can help remove toxic crud from bones, tissues and the intestines. It can also act as a natural deodorizer for the body. It is also claimed that chlorophyll can treat sinusitis, ulcers, depression and anemia. These are bold claims, but science certainly doesn’t fail us on the matter.

STUDY: Chlorophyll has been used as a natural deodorant and wound healer for over 50 years sans any side-effect.
STUDY: Chlorophyll helps fight cancer.

How To Get Chlorophyll Into My Diet

Ah, the number one question everyone has once they discover chlorophyll health benefits. Well, chlorophyll is available in liquid forms, but I’d suggest against that. For one, it can be super expensive and two, it comes from a source you might not trust. The simplest way to get your chlorophyll health fix is through taking wheatgrass powders. Wheatgrass juice powder provides an amazing amount of chlorophyll.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Chlorophyll

Wheatgrass has been known to have some side-effects, like nausea, headaches and skin irritations. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before going on a wheatgrass bender. Additionally, because wheatgrass has some serious detoxification attributes, you might find yourself running to the bathroom your first few times you take it. That’s a natural, good thing. Who wants toxic crud inside their body for any extended periods of time?

I find it easiest to supplement with green drink powders, as opposed to buying wheatgrass shots at juice cafes. It is brutally expensive in comparison to just buying your own. And you can also use a green drink such as Total Living Drink Greens (I recommend) that has wheatgrass / chlorophyll and much more. Its got great value, it is easy to make at home, and it offers you a ton of other health attributes outside of chlorophyll.

So Is Chlorophyll Alkaline or Acid? Seriously, you still don’t know? It’s alkaline. And yes, I know some people just skim to the bottom of these articles looking for a fast answer which is why I went ahead and restated it. Yes, I’m pretty much awesome.