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Updated 04/04/2020:


The Vitamineral Green drink powder, by HealthForce, was developed during the 1990’s by the noted naturopath Dr. Jameth Sheridan. Our Vitamineral Green review deals with the ingredients, taste and overall value of the formula.

The best-selling superfood drink powder is nutrient dense and one of the few superfood drinks that support the liver, bones, colon, muscles, pancreas, blood sugar, kidneys, brain and blood circulation.

I felt compelled to write this HealthForce Vitamineral Green review after I discovered it was one of the few green drink powders made largely from superfoods, however, it is worth noting the formula is laden with probiotics and enzymes. The green drink powder is made using a variety of raw organic superfoods, it is free from preservatives and suitable for vegans. You will find numerous Vitamineral Green reviews online, but this review explores the ingredients, compares Vitamineral Green to other leading green supplements and determines whether it offers good value for money.

Vitamineral Green Ingredients

Ingredients Sourced From the Oceans:

  • Laver
  • Kelp
  • Alaria
  • Bladderwrack
  • Dulse

Ingredients Sourced From Freshwater:

  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella

Ingredients Sourced From the Land:

Yacon Leaf, Shilajit, Ginger root, Oat Grass, Maringa Leaf, Wheat Grass, Oat Grass, Nettle Leaf, Carob Pod, Amla Berry, Chickweed, Shavetail/Horsegrass, Barley Grass, American Basil, Alfalfa Grass, Dandelion and Parsley.

More Ingredient Information

Any superfood expert will take one look at this comprehensive list and declare Vitamineral Green a well-rounded formula. The high potency superfood supplement contains a wealth of ingredients never found in other leading supplements.  For instance, many leading green drinks contain kale, broccoli and spinach, whereas this unique superfood powder contains nettle leaf, chickweed and parsley.

Anyone can locate a superfood formula that incorporates commonplace green leaves such as kale or spinach, but it is far more challenging to find green powders containing fresh wild edible greens.  Algae has innumerable health benefits and Chlorella and Spirulina are both regarded as revolutionary superfoods. The land grasses and vegetables are juiced and the potent juice extracts are phytonutrient rich. The powder appears to contain little oceanic superfood, however, a little seaweed superfood tends to go a long way.

Now, we must go on to discuss the probiotics and enzymes contained in Vitamineral Green.

This popular green superfood drink powder includes enzymes and probiotics. Some users feel the enzyme levels are a little low, but the formula has sufficient enzymes to break down and make use of digested nutrients. Every serving of Vitamineral Green powder contains healthy levels of probiotics, and of course, the green formula is rich in anti-oxidants. The formula is not considered a meal-replacement powder like Living Fuel Super Greens or Shakeology, the therapeutic green superfood powder is marketed as a health supplement.[hr]

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How Does Vitamineral Green Taste?

The fine green supplement powder can be sprinkled on cereal, mixed into purified water, fresh fruit and vegetable juice or added to a fruit smoothie. You don’t need to use an electric blender, a shaker bottle will suffice. You can detect the taste of algae, but this superfood powder is more palatable than others. People who want to take a green drink powder, but find the taste prohibitive should add the fine particles to a fruit or vegetable smoothie or a glass of organic juice.

It doesn’t taste as good as our favorite, Athletic Greens, and doesn’t have quite as much nutrition per serving, but it is an excellent, high-class product.

The Value of Vitamineral Green

A thirty day supply of Vitamineral Green powder costs just less than forty dollars and a ten gram serving provides your total daily nutrition. Work it out and one serving costs $1.33, hence it represents excellent value for money. This powder excels above others as the juices are extracted from the ingredients and the rich juice is crammed with phytonutrients. Organic ingredients are used whenever possible and we all know organic fruit and vegetables are expensive. You may need to juice two or three pounds of green vegetables to get one glass of green juice and fresh kale and broccoli come at a price.

The Good

  • The green super-food powder is produced by a reputable company who have been in the health food business for many years
  • The majority of the surperfood extracts are organic
  • Study the superfoods nutritional panel and note the green powder is made with high-quality ingredients.
  • Certain green powders are costly, but a single serving of Vitamineral costs just $1.33

The Bad

  • Some feel the enzyme levels are not as potent as they could be, I feel they are fine.

I hope you have found this HealthForce Vitamineral Green review useful and by now you will have gathered I am a Vitamineral Green fan. Some user’s feel this is a one-dimensional superfood, however, I feel the green powder is rich in quality ingredients; including anti-oxidant rich grass juices. The product is affordable and it tastes far better than many green supplements.[hr]

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Vitamineral Greens Ingredients

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