Health Benefits of Alfalfa Grass

Health Benefits of Alfalfa Grass

health benefits of alfalfa grass

health benefits of alfalfa grass

For many of us, Alfalfa is the svelte, wiry framed Little Rascal that was a huge part of our childhood television experiences. Oh wait, did I just show my age? All the same, Alfalfa is now having a baby, in case you were interested in random pop culture news. The health benefits of alfalfa grass, however, have nothing to do with the Little Rascal (I’m assuming you guessed this already, though). In fact, the health benefits of alfalfa grass aren’t a thing of Hollywood fantasy, rather, a very scientifically valid, well-defined and explored, superfood.

Alfalfa grass is ridiculously good for you. And for your family. And even for people you don’t know. Alfalfa grass contains most of the essential ingredients which fuel life. Grass is of the earth and the earth and its soil are fuel for humans. Grasses, such as Alfalfa, tend to soak up that goodness and when we consume it, we benefit highly.

Alfalfa grass is a cereal grass. It eventually grows into a cereal grain, however, it’s inception is spent as a grass which possesses a nutrient dense vitality like no other. Although Alfalfa grass is a grain, it is gluten free (so no worries, those with celiac or those who avoid gluten for other purposes, your Alfalfa grass is safe).

Alfalfa grass is one grass in a family of many powerful and potent healthy superfood grasses, including oat grass and wheat grass. Cereal grasses are often similarly as nutritious as leafy green vegetables.

But we sure don’t speak of Alfalfa grass all that much, do we? The fact is, people have known about the wonderful health benefits of alfalfa grass since the early 20th century when cow’s milk showed decimated nutrient density when cows were removed from grassy diets. When you consider today’s agricultural debates (grass fed versus grain fed), you see that the debate was likely settled over 80 years ago.

The Chinese and Arabs have also been known to historically use Alfalfa grass medicinally. Arabs administered Alfalfa grass to their horses to increase their strength and vitality.

Alfalfa Grass and Intestinal Health

Alfalfa grass has, over the years, been known as a diuretic. It naturally helps to promote healthy digestion. It has also been said to be good for settling a sour stomach. Alfalfa has been used to treat ulcers medicinally in horses. Incidents of ulcers in horses is actually very high.

Alfalfa Grass Vitamins and Minerals

The main reason that Alfalfa grass is a superfood is because it is fully-loaded with vitamins and minerals. The health benefits of alfalfa grass are 100% supported by the varied and vast supplies of nutrient density.

Alfalfa grass is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins K, E, C, D, B and A are all present. Vitamin D is typically difficult to get without either supplementation or getting some natural sunlight.

Magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron beta-carotene are also heavily present in alfalfa grass. You will also get the health benefit of zinc. Your sleep and immune system and your lymphatic system can all benefit from these vitamins and minerals. Oh, and your bones. You like strong and healthy bones? We hope that you do. Ingesting daily alfalfa grass for your health is a wise decision.

Alfalfa grass is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are shown to prevent cell damage and help cut down the risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer. Getting your daily antioxidants is essential and vital to your health.

Alfalfa Grass Amino Acids

Alfalfa grass is an excellent source of lysine. Lysine is a critical amino acid that helps bolster the immune system. Lysine has been said to fight off the herpes virus. It has also been shown to have anti-anxiety properties. When people are deficient in lysine, they may show hair and nail loss or damage. Other sources of lysine include eggs, lima beans and potatoes.

Alfalfa Grass Detoxification

Who isn’t interested in detoxing their body? We live in a world that is inundated with bad air quality and poor sources of foods and drinks. We are constantly exposed. So it would stand to reason that we’d want to strip the bad out and get a fresh start. Alfalfa grass is used to increase urine flow which reportedly helps kidney issues such as prostate and bladder conditions. It is a natural detoxification substance. If you take a little each day, you will be keeping your body clean and healthy.

Alfalfa Grass | How Do I Get It?

Another way would be to purchase a green drink powder supplement. Kylea Total Living Drink Greens has Alfalfa grass listed as their top ingredient. And, you get a healthy shot of a lot of other greens and fruits. It’s the way I get my daily Alfalfa grass. You can also check out our top 10 green drink reviews here.

You can also buy Alfalfa seeds and grow them yourself (and if you do, you are more motivated than I am). Here’s a cool video that shows you how. You can watch it while I drink my Alfalfa in my Total Living Drink Greens shake.

In the end, Alfalfa grass is a legit superfood that can help you ramp up your health, bolster your immune system and ward off degenerative diseases. It can help you with digestion, asthma and lower cholesterol. If you have horses, they may run faster if you feed it to them as well!

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