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Greens First Review | An Honest LookGreens First was developed by Ceautamed Worldwide LLC, the makers of the entire Greens First product line.  This Greens First review will take an in-depth look into this popular green drink powder.

Formulated by President Dr. Donald L. Hayes, Greens First highlights managing a healthy acid/alkaline balance by implementing 15+ servings of fruits and vegetables per daily serving.


This product offers approximately 4 grams of common superfood ingredients: Kale, Carrot, Chlorella, Spirulina, Broccoli, Barley Grass, Parsley, and Spinach.  These are good ingredients, yet compared to the many other superfoods products we’ve reviewed, we’re not completely blown away.

We do appreciate the fact that all of the superfood ingredients are certified organic.

On a good note, we can appreciate that they’ve taken the time to make sure a good amount of their ingredients are juice powders which is great because this is where you will essentially find the highest concentration of phytonutrients (plant nutrients).

Greens First superfood drink powder is strengthened by Oxisure Blend™.   This is so each serving has been bulked up with the power of phytonutrient and antioxidants. Honestly, what exactly is Oxisure Blend™?

We’re still unsure so this really appears to be “trademark marketing” designed to cause people to jump on the bandwagon.  We’re not done…there’s yet another trademark product: ReservaMax Blend™.  This blend simply offers a smidgen of of Grape and Acerola Cherry (this has 65x more Vitamin C than any orange) at 100mg.  Again, just a bit of hype since grapes and acerola cherries are simply antioxidants.

Their claim that you can get the equivalent of 15 servings of fruits and vegetables in a serving seems a little bit of stretch since a serving is not even a tablespoon of powder.

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Here’s some good news, Greens First knows we’re all weight conscious, and therefore, each serving encompasses approximately 2 grams of fiber! Fiber is so important because it acts like a sponge and makes you feel full longer because your body digests it at a slower pace.

Next, this product has 200 mg of probiotics, the healthy bacteria for a healthy digestive system.  What a great word… PROBIOTICS.  Sounds funny, but this word originated in the Greek meaning “for life”.

Finally, Greens First also provides 200 mg of digestive enzymes.  Let’s not forget when we lack digestive enzymes, your pancreas is affected and illness can set in. Additionally, digestive enzymes are like workers in a factory, processing the nutrition you get from food and making sure they are delivered to the right areas of the body.

Well done Greens First for the fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes and when joined with the superfoods ingredients, it makes the formula very well-rounded.


The taste of Greens First is rather interesting with a surprising fruity, yet earthy taste.  How is it fruity and earthy?  Greens First uses juice extracts causing the taste to be sharper than just using vegetable powders.   They also sweeten the formula with stevia, which in itself can deter some from enjoying the taste.

It also appears that the OxiSure blend has healthy ingredients that also introduce the fruity taste of the powder.


Greens First sells for $44.95 at 30 servings/9.4 grams per servings…that’s $1.50 per serving.  Not too bad really, in light of the juice powders, fiber, probiotics, and so many more favorable elements. 9 grams per serving might be a tad bit lower than some comparable products in this price range, but it is a well-rounded formula with quality ingredients, including organic, juice extracts, so overall, we feel there is very good value in Greens First.

The Good

Juice extracts form of superfoods, rather than just vegetable powders

Incorporates probiotics, enzymes, and fiber

Decent taste

Love certified organic superfoods

The Bad

Trademarks?  A bit corny

Compared to other green drinks, the superfoods amount per serving is lower than comparable products

Stevia aftertaste (Some folks love it)

Bottom Line

Greens First is a modest, mid-range superfood green drink powder that has a versatile brew of superfoods, fiber, digestive enzymes, and more.

It carries a decent value, perhaps a little more expensive than other similar products, but when you use certified organic juice extracts, it’s going to cost more and is money well spent.

You could do a lot worse in green drinks… overall, we like this product. We hope this Greens First review has been helpful.[hr]

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