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Updated 04/02/2020:


Next on the bracket of green superfood supplements is our Green Vibrance review, a drink powder produced by Vibrant Health. The biggest seller for this product is the transparency. Many supplemental products often claim specific ingredients, and the labels then act as a mask for determining actual amounts—super annoying! Green Vibrance, however, provides an honest, open breakdown of each ingredient, so you really know what you are getting.

With approximately 32 raw superfoods and over 60 ingredients in total, GV provides a well-rounded panel of antioxidants, grasses, fruits and veggies, and a comprehensive blend that includes sea algae/vegetables and herbs. Such a complex nutrition panel backs up the claim that GV can provide trace nutrients for every cell in the body. Now that, my friends, is a quality product!


Next to transparency, I have been impressed with the potency of nutrients in GV. Both herbs and antioxidants are provided in volumes that will have an impact on the body, instead of just traces of these nutrients that have no benefit. I was blown away with the 25 billion live probiotics that are found in Green Vibrance, because numbers like that bury the competition. Compound that with an impressive list of digestives enzymes and a high-fiber collaborative, and this really is an over-the-top superfood for greens.

Another impressive attribute unique to GV is that the product is always evolving. When new research provides nutritional updates and changes, Vibrant Health does a phenomenal job adjusting their formulas to align with the latest and greatest in ingredients.[hr]

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The Good

I’ve said it before and I don’t hesitate to say it again—transparency is a big seller for GV. Knowing what you are getting and exactly how much is a fresh and unique quality of this product.

Serving sizes and the amount of nutrition they pack is really pretty decent, and coupled with the high-end, robust nutritional panel, this product is a winner.

The Bad

While the nutrients GV provides far outweigh any petty cons, I wouldn’t mind a bit of a sweetener in this drink. I am usually all about taking one for the team in the name of health, but GV has a pretty earthy taste that I have found difficult to mask. That being said, with a panel like this, it’s worth it in the long run.

Taste and Value

While the taste is pretty tough to get over, mixing a bit of fresh fruit juice or even some sweet fruits will take a smoothie a long way. The ingredients make this smoothie extra green, which is a visual identifier of its nutritional benefits. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this tastes any worse than any other green drink, but it’s definitely not my favorite.

Sitting at a just-over-average $1.67 per-serving, GV may be a tiny bit pricier than other comparable products. However, keep in mind that those other green supplements don’t sport the same nutritional panel. A 30-day supply will cost you a soft $49.95, and when I calculated in the probiotics of this formula, it’s much cheaper than the competition.

UPDATE: There is a 60-day supply on Amazon for $1.15 per serving. 


Green Vibrance is an up-to-date product that carries some astounding nutritional servings. This site has Green Vibrance highly ranked after Athletic Greens in terms of total quality and value. Something as mundane as taste is nothing to stand in the way of this superfood. The easy-to-understand labeling is a great incentive. When you know exactly what your supplements hold, it’s so much easier to calculate the true value of what you are ingesting. A recommendation for this product is a given, and the health benefits at such a cheap cost are almost non-existent. Green Vibrance is affordable and is a green superfood that will provide immediate and visible improvements to your health. We trust this Green Vibrance review has been helpful.[hr]

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Green Vibrance Ingredients and Supplement Facts

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