green drink benefits

There isn’t much doubt regarding the health benefits of green drinks. Leafy greens are the most nutrient dense edible plants on earth. And for the most part, we simply don’t get enough of them.

Green drinks, whether you buy from a manufacturer, a Wal Mart, or make them yourself, are a big benefit.

But many people buy green drinks and then don’t utilize them to their full potential.

green drink tips

Of course!

I’m not talking about “drinking” as a primal instinct, I’m talking about getting the highest amount of nutrients from your green drink. I’m talking about truly creating a long-term healthy habit. I’m contemplating the whole darn green drink experience.

Yeah, I know, that sounds complicated. But I promise, by the end of this guide, you’re gonna feel my vibe. You’re going to realize that using a green drink to its fullest potential offers far more health benefits.

Green drinks aren’t cheap. So its important to extract as much value from them as possible.

So, what green drink tips do I have for you?

Green Drinks Are Empty Stomach Stuff

green drink nutrients

Actually, don’t have pancakes for breakfast at all if you are trying to get healthy. I mean, come on…but I digress…

I’m not going to play the role of digestive expert. However, in my experience, lots of people make big mistakes when they decide to embark on a healthy new green drink diet.

They take their green drink at night, after a big dinner.

Yes, I know, you’re trying to be healthy, so your dinner isn’t extraordinarily heavy or dense. But it is likely the heaviest, densest part of your day’s food ingestion.

Not to mention that you’ve probably eaten at least something for breakfast or dinner or both.

The party in your intestines means less ability for the powerful leafy green nutrients to absorb. That’s a waste of a green drink, which often times, can cost you a bit of cash. Why waste it?

Breakfast, Or Lunch, Never Dinner

That said, I suggest planning your green drink “meal” for breakfast or lunch. If you typically skip breakfast, have the green drink at the beginning of lunch, before you eat the main course.

Allow the green drink’s nutrients and minerals to thrive, fuel, and power your engine.

Green Drinks Satiate, Don’t Lose That Benefit

You are rarely as hungry as you think you are. If you order a sandwich at Panera Bread, you’ll get a decent sized portion, even when ordering from the lunch menu. What then sits before you (the sandwich) will begin playing a mind game with you. You will be subdued into thinking that the size of your lunch is the exact size of your appetite.

But often, that’s not even close to the truth.

In fact, serving sizes in America and most of western culture are completely out of hand. But by the time you realize you “were full,” its 10-bites too late.

Having the green drink before lunch offers a filling experience that balances you. The green drink will fill you up and you will be less prone to feeling “tricked” by a liberal, sometimes egregious, portion size.

It May Not Taste Great

green drink taste

I can’t tell you the amount of fear-laden emails TSR receives on a weekly basis regarding green drink taste.

People are terrified that anything healthy will taste absurdly bad. And the reality is, they all have a point. Our modern diet is designed specifically to make things taste amazing, mostly by way of layering sugar with salt and salt with sugar. The design, of course, is a trap of addiction.

The sugar and the salt and the salt and the sugar create a vicious cycle of food cravings that serve to make us fat, tired, and unfocused.

That’s all no good.

The Truth Is, Healthy Doesn’t Taste ‘As Good’

I’m not going to pretend that green drinks taste amazing. I’m not going to spin and weave a web of lies. Green drinks are healthy. At their foundation, the green drink is leafy greens. Leafy greens are rooted in the soils of the earth for most of their time, at least until they end up in a produce section and eventually in your green drink smoothie.

The oil coats the leafy green with a gritty, chalky, earthy taste. It doesn’t matter how much the vegetable was washed, the soil has embedded itself into the green’s taste profile.

Green drinks are one of the biggest offenders, but most healthy foods retain healthy attributes in their taste profiles which aren’t incredibly palatable. Do you really love a potatoe without butter and salt?

You can hardly get people to drink their coffee black, so…

But It Isn’t THAT Bad (Consider Your Health Boost)

You aren’t reading about green drink smoothies because you are looking for your next exciting cheat smoothie. If you are, go to Jamba Juice. You arrived HERE because you want to lose weight, you want to reduce your risks to cancer and heart disease, you want to feed your gut powerful life-changing bacteria, and you want to revitalize your skin’s old glowing ways.

If you taste a hint of dirt along the journey, so what?

After your first few green drinks, believe me, you won’t even notice it. After a week of having a green drink smoothie for breakfast, the shine and glow to your skin will be enough to make you feel the green drink taste is amazing stuff.

But hey, sugar cures all. As with any green drink, whether you buy it online, at your local Walmart, or make your own, you can always add fruits such as apples, pears, and berries. They will boost not only the taste profile, but the green drink’s entire health profile.

Change Is Good

Don’t fear change.

If you fear change, you might drive your green drink journey into a mountainside and give up.

No one likes to eat or drink the same thing each and every day. SO DON’T.

Change up your green drinks so they don’t wear on you. Buy different green drink formulas. Add new green drink ingredients.

Green Drink Ingredient Ideas

At the base, green drinks are made of spinach, kale, swiss chard + almond milk. But beyond the use of one of those (or all of those) as the green drink’s foundation, you can add/subtract a number of ingredients to give sweetness and spice to your taste experience. I’m not going to post exact green drink recipes, instead, I’m going to post options to create your own unique recipes.

Let’s face it, we all have unique palettes and most of this is common sense based on our likes and dislikes.

The below ingredient options also help to add nutritional density.

  • Cucumbers
  • Apples (probably green, but red is all good as well)
  • Pears
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Celery
  • Peaches
  • Vanilla
  • Stevia
  • Bananas
  • Avocados (seriously, like bananas in consistency and amazing)
  • Ginger (adds healthy spice)
  • Carrots
  • Parsley
  • Beets (you’d be surprised)

There are more green drink ingredients to consider, but we’d be here all day. Don’t fear pallete exploration!

Don’t Get Ripped Off

green drink scams

No matter how concerned you are over your health, it’s important that you don’t get suckered by green drink scams. To be honest, the health industry is plagued with scams, it certainly isn’t just the green drink industry.

Sometimes, when we feel panic over our health situations, we become reactive. We go to Google, search something, and buy the first thing displayed to us. But even Google has its faults. Google can’t possibly know every scam there is.

So how can you tell if your getting green drink scammed?

Follow these tips:

If the claims are absurd, just avoid. How can a green drink manufacturer possibly promise you 5 pounds of fat loss per week? Most of the time, these nutty claims are intended to play to your emotions and cause an emotional purchase. When our emotions get the best of us, we purchase things in a reactive, impetuous manner.

And that’s not good.

A real green drink manufacturer sticks to the brass tacks. Leafy greens are good for us, that’s scientifically proven. Organic, non-GMO leafy greens are even better for us. We get that. So what we are really looking for in a green drink are high quality and solid reputation.

Green drinks should be simple in complexity, but not in marketing.

Additionally, serving sizes are one of the biggest places that “non-legit” green drink manufacturers scam consumers.

Here, take a look at this working example.

Total Living Drink Greens is one of the more costly green drinks on the market. But is it really too costly?

Total Living Drink Greens offers an insanely high 40 grams per serving! The same goes for Shakeology (also, 40 grams per serving). A popular green drink such as Patriot Power Greens is also another powerhouse option. Athletic Greens was considered the top option before Total Living Drink Greens came along (some people still don’t trust the newness of TLDG, so…).

There is also Living Green Supreme Food. While not as potent as the aforementioned options, it’s certainly a great brand.

Shakeology costs $130 per month, while Total Living Drink Greens each costs a mere $99 per month for a 30-day supply. BUT YOU ARE GETTING MORE. And while Total Living Drink Greens is the better deal, Shakeology is still pretty darn good.

Again, you might want to spend less. But you need to pay close attention to the real numbers and how they can be used to manipulate the marketing claims.

Green drinks are one of the few products that consumers fail to pay attention to the foundational, critical aspects. That’s mostly because most people don’t think to look at serving sizes when they do look at the label, rather, they look at carbs and fat content.


Many people buy green drink formulas or make their own, but don’t realize their fullest potential. This is usually due to not understanding physiological digestive science, or not accounting for a long-term strategy. By drinking the drink at the right time and changing up the drink’s ingredients before you burn out, you give yourself the highest percentage chance of truly realizing all the benefits of your green drink.

Going with a higher-quality option like Total Living Drink Greens helps you build a long-term health strategy. It means more nutrient density per serving and faster, more tangible health changes. Seeing results inspires a desire to continue onward and upward.