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Updated 03/29/2020:


You are about to read an honest Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw review. We feel it is a quality organic, raw superfood product that boasts some impressive green-juice ingredients.

A superstar panel is made up of wheatgrass juice, oat grass juice, kamut grass juice, alfalfa grass juice and barley grass juice—all organic, might I add! With these power and even ancient (kamut) greens combining to make the first component of a three-formula list, and a lower price tag than high-end powder supplements, the demand for this product is a given.

Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw comes in simple powder form and is produced by Garden of Life, a company founded by Jordan Rubin. Health junkies will recognize Jordan Rubin, as he is a well-known activist and has appeared on television numerous times. Perfect Food Raw carries a bit of a shadow due to the fact that Rubin has come under scrutiny with the FDA in recent months. It’s been a real bummer to see that this negative attention has caused some damage for the product, because Perfect Food Raw is actually a great, lower-cost option with some amazing nutrient panels.

Perfect Food Raw offers three categories of blends in their ingredients/compounds list:

Raw Organic Green Juice Blend (all those grasses I told you about…yeah!)

Raw Organic Veggie Juice Blend

Raw Organic Sprout Blend

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The Good

A highlight of Perfect Food Raw is that in addition to these three blends, probiotics and enzymes are found among the long list of crazy healthy ingredients.

Since I’ve already mentioned the Green Juice Blend properties of Perfect Food Raw, let’s jump right in with the veggies. Spinach, ginger, kale, and beets are just an idea of the 18-veggie panel. Seriously, these guys thought of it all with the veggies, offering a beneficial and super impressive blend.

Now let’s look at the Sprout Blend.These extracts are added in the form of organic juices, offering an excellent phytonutrient supply. These juices are also extracted from organic, raw produce, so it doesn’t get much better than that. Juicing extracts the useful nutrients of the produce and eliminates the extras (kinda like avoiding the whole crazy ex-girlfriend phase—it’s just extra baggage that does more harm than good!) With 13 sprouted veggies and an impressive collection including quinoa and even chia seeds, Perfect Food Raw dresses to impress.

The Bad

HOWEVER, Perfect Food Raw falls below the mark with low, wimpy servings and a lack of transparency.

With such an array of superfoods, you would think you have it made, but in actuality, there are less than six grams per serving, so you are lacking in potency.

Perfect Food Raw also leaves us guessing the quantities of ingredients. When the label doesn’t list quantities, we are left to guess if there is a proper helping, or if there is just a smidgen of the ingredient, therefore making it’s presence obsolete. Some transparency with quantity would help Perfect Food Raw sell itself.


What makes Garden of Life’s Perfect Food Raw formula so nutritious is the superfoods section. Going along with those superfoods is the probiotic and enzyme formula, which helps the body utilize such dense levels of calories and phytonutrients. That being said, Perfect Raw Food only offers about 100 mg of the probiotic and enzyme formula, compared to others, such as Living Green Supreme Food which carries a whopping 550 mg!

The quality and amount of superfood ingredients makes up for the lack of no separate antioxidant, protein or additional herb sections, because those superfoods are loaded with each, but additional panels would help enhance the formula for Perfect Food Raw.

Taste and Value

Remember when you were little and you would sit in the lawn and eat grass? Yeah…the juice extracts will make you feel like you are having a blast from the past. Just remember that it’s nasty because it’s so healthy! To help lessen the intensity of the grass-like taste, try adding some fresh or frozen fruits, along with some pure fruit juice when you make your smoothies. No biggie.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, Perfect Food Raw is an excellent, cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive, high-end superfood drink supplements. While the high-end supplements do offer a more complete and comprehensive formula, I have tried to take into account those potencies compared with prices.

A mere $28 will buy you a 30-day supply, (the math is easy on this one…that’s less than $1 per serving!) and with all the great nutrient-rich ingredients, it really is a great product worth your money.


Jordan Rubin has made some claims about his products that have caused him to come under scrutiny by the FDA. His products, Perfect Food Raw included, really stand on their own, so I am hoping that this issue just fizzles out…but it is the FDA we are talking about, so who knows what kind of power trip they are on. Before buying any product, I do extensive research and read as many reviews as I can, so if you are the same, don’t let the controversy surrounding this product deter you—it really is a great superfoods supplement that offers amazing nutrients at an incredible price!

It is very close in composition and quality to Athletic Greens except you get a couple grams per serving more with AG and we think AG tastes a little better. Was this Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw review helpful? Let us know. [hr]

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Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw Ingredients

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