Fermented Green Supreme Food Review

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Updated 04/02/2020: 


Fermented Green Supreme Food is a superfood green drink powder manufactured by Dr. Don Colbert of Divine Health.  This Fermented Green Supreme Food review will put this product under the magnifying glass and hopefully shed some light to see if it really is divine.

Superfoods & Nutrition

I like things laid out in front of me because I’m a little lazy sometimes, so I love the fact that the label spells out the ingredients in 7 distinct categories. They are as follows:

Organic Fiber Blend, Organic Greens Blend, Organic Vegetables Blend, Organic Fruit Blend, Pre/Probiotic Blend, Organic Botanicals and finally the Enzyme Blend.

Fiber Blend:

Each serving is providing around 2.5 grams of Organic Gum Acacia and Organic Flax Seed.

Gum Acacia is most likely used as a texture agent to help this powder mix well but does contain a fair share of health benefits in its own right. It’s loaded with dietary fiber, could reduce cholesterol and it also helps you feel full. So if you need to shed some weight Fermented Green Supreme Food can act as a healthy appetite suppressor.

And Flax Seed you ask? We love this ingredient in this formula because the one glaring component missing from most green drink superfood powders is the essential fatty acids. The flax seed provides fiber and the EFA’s! Good stuff!

Organic Greens Blend:

The greens section is devoted to algae and grasses and this is where this formula shines in my opinion. You’re getting just over 2 grams of Organic Spirulina and Organic Chlorella… awesome algae, but you’re also getting a fermented grass blend.

Fermented foods, and specifically fermented grasses unlocks a hidden treasure trove of health benefits in the form of friendly bacteria and other benefits that doesn’t just add benefits but multiplies them.

Better bioaccessibility, more vitamins, more good bacteria… it’s almost like the fermentation triggers a healthy metamorphosis unlocking phytonutrients that would never be exposed otherwise.

I’ve never seen fermented grasses in a green drink and to say I’m impressed is an understatement.

Organic Vegetable Blend:

The vegetable section is a little underwhelming with Organic Carrot, Beet, Parsley, Spinach and Broccoli. All good stuff and I love that they’re organic but I’d like to see juice extracts here.

Organic Fruit Blend:

The fruits include Organic Raspberry, Acerola Cherry, Apple, Blueberry and Cranberry. Good ingredients. Like the veggies it would be nice to see juice extracts instead of powders but Dr. Colbert probably spent most of his budget on the fermented grasses.


Awesome amount of probiotics at 550 mg and remember, the probiotics that are unleashed in the fermented grasses are in addition to this. Evidently the good doctor feels pretty strongly about friendly bacteria.

Organic Botanical Blend:

This is a collection of herbs for energy, antioxidants, cleansing and more. The whole blend is only 210 mgs but that’s ok because there’s plenty more in the other areas of this formula.


In my opinion, no green drink powder should be without digestive enzymes. There easy to include and helpful in absorption and nutrient assimilation. Dr. Colbert’s Fermented Green Supreme Food has 100 mg of Lipase, Protease, Amylase, Bromelain, Cellulase and Lipase. So your enzymatic bases are indeed covered.

This formula is only 8 grams per serving. Most mid-range green drinks in this price range are around 10-12 grams per serving.

Normally I’d be a little down on it for that reason but Fermented Green Supreme Food proves the old cliché that quality overcomes quantity. I think he’s hit the nail on the head with this well-rounded greens blend and the fermented grasses far and above make up for the missing couple of grams in potency.

Taste and Value

The taste and texture are fine in my opinion. It has a very sweet taste for a green drink and this is largely due to the stevia. Some folks will love the sweetness while others may think it contrived and would prefer the natural earthy flavor.

The value of Fermented Green Supreme Food is exceptional. A 30-day supply is $37 or just over a $1 per serving. Like most companies, if you buy a 60 or 90 supply the price goes down from there. Seriously, for what you are getting in terms of top-shelf ingredients, the cost per serving is superb.

The Good

  • Extremely well-rounded and intelligently crafted green drink
  • Fermented grasses unlock a world of healthy nutrients and bacteria
  • Everything is organic
  • Robust probiotics formula (as if the fermented grasses weren’t enough)
  • Very reasonably priced for the quality of ingredients

The Bad

  • 8 Grams per serving is a little on the lower end but remember quality vs. quantity
  • The digestive enzymes are only 100 grams. Could be a little higher amount
  • The vegetable and fruits are in powder form. We like juice extracts


Fermented Green Supreme Food is a remarkable green drink powder that may be small in stature in terms of weight but packs a nutritious punch right up there with the big boys.

Remember the little guy in high school that was tougher than kids twice his size? That’s Fermented Green Supreme Food. It may be just 8 grams a serving but what an extraordinary 8 grams.

And, at just over a buck-a-serving it delivers in value as well.

We hope this Fermented Green Supreme Food review has been valuable.

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