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An honest review of Everyday Fruits & Greens.Overview

Produced by a company called Nurish, Everyday Fruits & Greens is a product that is a bit difficult to review. I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with this superfood drink powder.

It’s got some great ingredients and I was ecstatic to see that along with enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics, fiber made the list. The eight total superfoods that make up the greens and vegetable panel are pretty common. Great, but common—nothing to write home about. Rocking a great price and decent ingredients for the mid to low-range product, EFG does the job.

The inclusion of more than just superfoods is awesome, but this product falls short in its serving sizes and its misleading claims.

Nutrition & Superfoods

One of the most important aspects of a supplement is the list of ingredients. What the product actually contains is what you need to find out. The serving sizes do make a difference as they determine the potency of those ingredients, but the list of ingredients comes first.

EFG has a great greens panel that includes Chlorella, Organic Parsley, Organic Spinach, Spirulina, Alfalfa Leaf, Organic Carrot, Broccoli and Cauliflower. These ingredients are packed with life-providing phytonutrients that encourage digestive health and sustain raw energy. Many of the other ingredients in EFG are the basics.

What make this product special are the additions that go beyond what the superfoods contain. Additional fiber, digestive enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants amplify what is already contained in the greens.[hr]

The Good

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  • The value is what sells this product. With a basic but decent superfoods list, a low price tag really makes this product appealing.
  • EFG has impressive extras and a brag-worthy antioxidant panel.


The Bad

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  • While the extras made the ingredients list and therefore EFG a well-rounded product, the potency is the wet, wool blanket on the fire. Less than 4 grams. That is your superfoods serving. Not enough for superfoods, and with only 10 grams of nutrition per serving, EFG is left wanting.
  • Unfortunately, that’s not my only gripe. With low servings, the product’s marketing is misleading. The claims that one serving will provide you with the equivalent of 25 vegetable servings and that EFG beats the competition with this formula, is false advertising. This low-dose green drink powder is far from the most nutritious formula on the market.


Taste and Value

Stevia, an artificial sweetener, is an all-natural product that makes a world of difference for the taste of EFG. That classic ‘greens’ taste is almost undetectable. Great taste!

A 30-day supply of EFG is going to cost you a light $39.99 per month. Breaking down the label and calculating that you get 10 grams per serving, it adds up to about $1.33 per serving…which is decent. Obviously the total cost is cheaper than many of the competitive products.

However, we are determining value, which is why I just do give the total tag. For the number of servings and grams per serving you are receiving, there is a lack of nutrition for what you are paying. The inclusion of the ‘extras’ like antioxidants and fiber do help to offset my opinion of a lower-value purchase.

It’s a product that taste great, costs little, and will provide consumers with much needed nutrients and greens. However, I wouldn’t feel good recommending this as anything but a supplement.

With the higher-end products like Athletic Greens and such, you can easily use them as meal replacements since they pack such a nutritional punch. Light servings in EFG won’t provide quite enough. That being said, it is a great supplement. Everyday Fruits & Greens contains great, powerful greens that will encourage healthy bodies and high energy.[hr]

Everyday Fruits and Greens Ingredients and Supplement Facts

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