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Enerfood Organic Superfood Powder ReviewEnerfood Organic Powder by EnerHealth was voted Best Superfood by Natural News, mainly because it uses certified organic ingredients in its superfood powder.  This Enerfood review will focus on the ingredients and try and determine a value.

Their product is a complete vitamin and mineral supplementation system that promotes cell rejuvenation, mental clarity, detoxification, and more.


Enerfood’s pride and joy is their 20 various superfoods and herbal ingredients that include Spirulina -a source of protein, minerals, and vitamins, and antioxidants; Rose hips -great source of Vitamin C; Lemon Peel -great for bone health due to high amount of calcium and vitamin c and helps eradicate toxins because of the natural citrus bioflavonoids; Wheat Grass & Barley Juice Powder -offers more energy, better sleep, and regularity; and a great deal more.

We love that dulse and kelp are in this formula because these are tremendously healthy sea vegetables. And in addition to Spirulina, they’ve included the algae chlorella as well.

The superfood ingredients list is truly fantastic with its mixed bag of health benefits; however, the potency of each ingredient is not listed, so you’re left in the dark with how much of each you’re truly taking in.

When you take the time to read over the numerous ingredients, one word stands out: ORGANIC.

Every ingredient is 100% organic! Not only are they organic, they are Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), Vegan and Kosher. We think this fact lends to the products’ credibility.

Enerfood contains 8 grams (one tablespoon) of nutrients per serving. And though it is loaded with awesome, organic superfood ingredients and herbs, you won’t find enzymes, antioxidants, and probiotics that tend to make the product a little shallow in terms of the overall nutrition it delivers.

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Traditionally, this section highlights the supplementary facets of the product independent from the vegetables, fruits and other superfoods.

However, Enerfood is practically made up entirely of superfoods.  Above we listed some ingredients and their benefits; there are other herbs worthy to be highlighted:

  • Dandelion Leaf -a phenomenal blood and liver cleanser
  • Horsetail – good for strong and healthy teeth and nails
  • Papaya Leaf – known as the “fruit of angels” because the extract has anti-cancer capabilities, aids in digestion, and is beneficial in the treatment of acne amongst a list of other benefits

As stated earlier, these days, most green drink powders contain probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes to make it more of a complete supplement. Enerfood sticks to just the superfood basics which is a little disappointing.


The taste of Enerfood is quite a unique taste in that while it is earthy and grassy, there’s a fishy taste that is stronger than most and jolt your taste buds.  Some don’t mind it. (I personally do as I only want the seafood taste in a chowder or bisque.)  To get through the taste, try mixing with organic fruit juice, in your favorite smoothie, or even a flavored coconut water.


So let’s talk about “bang-for-the-buck”. This is a challenge to convey because Enerfood chooses not to disclose the potencies of each ingredient per serving on the label.  So how are we to give an educated review of the value of said product?  You’re getting 8 grams of nutrition from excellent ingredients but in small doses.  That’s it.  It costs $47 and each jar contains 50 servings. So you’re paying less than $1.00 per serving.  Fair price?

Sure is, for what you’re getting.  When you compare Living Green Supreme Food, you get the same amount of grams per serving, but with Living Green you get more good things like probiotics, digestive enzymes, fermented grasses and more.  In this case, you get what you pay for…

The Good

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • 20 total superfood ingredients and herbs
  • Terrific grasses complex
  • Added Wheat & Barley Grass Juice Extracts

The Bad

  • Strong seafood taste
  • No potency listing on packaging or website
  • No ingredient percentage listing on packaging or website
  • Doesn’t have probiotics, protein, antioxidants

Bottom Line

Hands down, this product deserves a standing ovation for their commitment to being 100% organic, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO.  Well done!

Compared to mid-range products, at only 8 grams per serving…this is on the lower end of nutrition-per-serving.  Does this make it unacceptable?  Not at all.  Just know that you are only getting the superfoods and you will have to separately supplement all the other missing goodies. You know what that means?  Spending more money, but if this is what you’re looking for… $1 a serving is a decent price. [hr]

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