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Emerald Balance ReviewThe following Emerald Balance review is fact-based and objective and should provide you with all the info you need to determine if it is right for you.

Emerald Balance is a superfood green drink powder created by SGN Nutrition Company, a privately owned and operated small business since 2004.Clinical Nutritionist and SGN Founder, Jan Lovejoy, created a complete fusion of superfood fruits and vegetables, fiber, herbs, antioxidants and probiotics.  Let’s review this product and see if it’s right for you.


Emerald Balance offers a whopping 2880 mg of superfoods.  At 2.88g per serving, the superfood section includes some key ingredients like parsley juice (great for digestive system), watercress juice (a power punch rich in iron, iodine, Vitamins A,C, & E, antioxidants, and folate-this is Vitamin B, key for cell growth), cracked-cell chlorella (assists in removing heavy metals toxicity), and organic beetroot juice (reduced blood pressure, increased blood flow and improve stamina).

Mind you, these are just 4 of many in their superfood section.  Compared to other superfood ingredients, the blend is moderately potent; however, we can appreciate that these superfoods are from juices sources rather than vegetable powder.   Now add in the antioxidants that is composed of countless other typical superfood ingredients totalling 2455 mgs – all are in fruit powder form, except the pineapple and orange are in the desirable juice form.

Since many of the superfood ingredients are in juice extract form, this product provides an ample amount of phytonutrients (plant nutrients – your liver loves this!) than just leaf, fruit, or stem powders. Furthermore, this “mid-range” green drink category carries a remarkable amount of superfoods within each serving of just over 5 grams…that’s impressive.



Ok, so the nutritional detail of Emerald Balance is unique because it focuses on the non-superfood part of the formula.  They have 760 mgs of fiber from apple pectin (keeps you regular…wink wink), rice bran (for skin soothing enzymes and antioxidants), and flaxseed (non-animal source of Omega-3 fatty acids).  Please note: having the flaxseed presence is fantastic since this is often missing in green drinks!

Next, Emerald Balance has a section devoted to cellular health that accommodates 1.7 grams of magnificent ingredients: bamboo stem horsetail, eleuthero root (a type of ginseng root), suma root, cinnamon and ginkgo biloba.  Since all of these ingredients are actually listed, this means each are significant within their formula.

Moreover, Emerald Balance has more unique ingredients specifically combined for immune building: ginger, royal jelly (super for energy), damiana, silymarin (aka Milk Thistle), astragalus (helps treat physical exhaustion), and dulse.

Oh we’re not done!  They’ve included vital digestive enzymes (protease, amylase, piase, and cellulase) and rallied this product with over 700 mgs of probiotics making this one of the highest compelling of any green drink powder we’ve reviewed. Emerald Balance is well-balanced!


All that goodness, but how does it taste?  It’s a bit on the sweeter side.  For some that’s great, and others, not so much.  If the thought of the earthy taste makes you cringe, this product is for you!  Like all superfood powders, you can mix into your favorite smoothie or add to organic juice.  Those who enjoy that marshy taste, don’t be surprised by the sweetness…you’ve been warned.


Let’s see how this product adds up at 9.5 grams per serving and contains 30 servings per canister. The cost of Emerald Balance is $38.95 – $1.30 per serving.  That’s a notable price per serving for what you’re getting in terms of nutrition. For the range and quality of ingredients, $1.30 per serving is a very good value compared to other powder drinks in this category.

The Good

  • 700 mgs of probiotics is a high-potent, no-nonsense probiotics panel
  • Fantastic superfood panel that is large in scope and contains quality produce
  • In addition to the superfoods, the formula encompasses antioxidants, enzymes and ingredients aiding in cellular support and immune building

The Bad

  • Not all ingredients are certified organic


Emerald Balance should not be underestimated as it truly is a well-rounded green drink with favorable ingredients, a smashing probiotics formula and very well price at $1.30 per serving.  Emerald Balance is in the same class as many other superfood products due to their similarity, so it’s a tough call to choose just one.  Overall, it’s a good product. We hope this Emerald balance review has been helpful.[hr]


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Emerald Balance Ingredients

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