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organic-supergreens-dr-axe-store2Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens is a high potency, low-letdown, superfood powder drink. During my Dr. Axe Organic Superfoods review, I quickly learned that this superfood green drink powder lives up to all its billing, which puts it in direct conflict with 1987’s Superman IV, The Quest For Peace, which was billed as awesome but sucked terribly.

Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens does not suck.

Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens claims to support a healthier immune system, help detoxify the body and assist the body with PH balance. It is loaded with fruits, vegetables, probiotics, and enzymes. This superfood powder infuses your body with nutrients which give you energy, stamina and even supports clearer skin. That’s right, clearer skin, this review already feels like a teenage acne medication commercial. Calling Julianne Hough and Kelly Clarkson!

The probiotics will help support digestive health. Digestive health is a big deal: did you know that your gut health and brain health are highly interlinked? This means Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens could make you more focused, smarter, and a more qualified Jeopardy contestant.


Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens Ingredients

The ingredients are the most important part of any superfood green drink review. The Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens review finds this green drink to stand tall above the rest.

The Core Superfood Ingredients. You can expect an infusion of vitamins A, B1, B6, C, E, and K when you drink any superfood shake that has this ingredient punch.

Oat Grass (and its juice)
Alfalfa Grass

Organic Supergreens also boast a huge assortment of additional sprouted seeds. Seeds, when sprouted, increase in nutrient density while also lowering their starch value.

Organic ground flaxseed
Organic fermented astragalus root
Organic fermented ashwagandha
Organic fermented ginger
Organic fermented holy basil
Organic fermented turmeric
Organic fermented chia seed sprout
Organic fermented cañihua seed sprout
Organic fermented hemp seed sprout
Organic fermented pumpkin seed sprout
Organic fermented broccoli seed sprout
Organic fermented milk thistle seed sprout
Organic fermented mung bean sprout
Organic fermented pea sprout

Organic Supergreens also contains powerful superfruits that are high in antioxidants and vitamins that can help stave off illnesses year round.

Organic Noni
Organic Pomegranate
Organic Wild Blueberry
Organic Acai
Organic Elderberry
Organic Goji

Here’s Dr. Axe Organic Greens nutrition label.


How Does Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens Taste?

Like any healthy green drink having super greens as their core ingredients, you taste a bit of the earthy and plant-like qualities. But the addition of superfruits does a good job offsetting them.

In terms of consistency, that’s going to be more driven by how you choose to mix it. If you choose almond milk, for example, you would get less of the coarseness. Choose water; you get a little bit more of that rough plant texture.

All in all, it is pretty good. At worst, drinkable, but compared to many other green drinks, I’d just call it “good.”


The Value of Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens

Let’s get our math on, friends.

Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens is 9.5 grams per serving. There are 25 servings per package. Now, you pay $40 per container (maybe less if you give Dr. Axe your email in that current pop-up promotion). In the end, you are left with $1.60 per serving.

That’s a value jackpot if you ask me.


The Good

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • The value per serving is awesome
  • Loaded with superfruits, which means antioxidants
  • Probiotics will help digestion


The Bad

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  • The taste could be a little better, but I’m just forcing a negative here like Archie Bunker

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Throughout our Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens review, we found that this drink delivers. This is a great drink that’s loaded with nutrients. It comes at an outstanding value per serving. The taste isn’t bad, depending on how you choose to mix it. Dr. Axe is a pretty well-received superfood powder drink manufacturer who discloses all of his product’s ingredients and always seems to have a pretty solid hairstyle. His store is a trusted source. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace was incredibly terrible.

That should about cover it, my friends. Stay focused. Stay healthy. And if possible like Dr. Axe, keep your hair legit.

Buy Dr. Axe Organic Supergreens drink here.

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