Just like most of the green drinks you see today, Detox Organics Whole Food Powder claims all it takes is one scoop a day to transform into a stronger and healthier version of yourself.

Detox Organics is the nutrition packed green drink powder that has become quite popular recently, and has gotten some great reviews from its customers. 

At first glance you may think that this mixture is a product for dieting, considering their emphasis on the loss of fat, digestion, increased energy levels, and eliminating bloating. We can assure you that it’s not.

Detox Organics isn’t meant to replace meals. This supplement should be added into your healthy nutritious diet, in order to make you healthier.

Gazing through their website, it’s almost too obvious that this product is marketed towards women. As I did more digging, I noticed that men were taking this too, I just wasn’t sure if this product was the right supplement for me. 

After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to try it out. Let’s take a closer look at my detailed Detox Organics Whole Food Powder Review below!

My First Impressions

The best way to get all of the benefits from a superfood green drink, is making sure you take it everyday. The easiest way for me to take this supplement is when I first wake up. Starting your morning off with a superfood drink is an excellent way to kickstart your busy day.

If you are looking for increased benefits you could take this supplement two times per day, but I personally don’t think that’s necessary. 

Of course, it does depend on how your body responds to it. If you want to take this twice daily, you can, but the recommended minimum is once a day.

If you do find it helpful to take this twice a day, you will notice that this supplement can get expensive. 

A tub has 30 servings, which would mean if you were taking this twice a day you would only get 15 days out of a tub. 2 tubs a month can become pricey in the long run.

The powder seems to mix easy, and can be added to any of your favorite shakes or smoothies. The best way to take this powder for me, is to mix it in with cold water, which is actually pretty delicious given the chocolatey taste. You can also mix this supplement in coconut milk, or almond milk.

The reason I prefer cold water over anything else, is because I like to keep my superfood supplements separate from any other drinks. This also helps to get an idea on how tasty the drink is without added flavoring or fruits.

So, is Detox Organics the real deal, or are they just another green powder supplement under delivering, and over promising?

About Detox Organics

Detox Organics is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, and have been in business since 2015 according to the Better Business Bureau.

As I did more research, I found that Detox Organics website has been up and running since 2017. This means they are a very new company in the supplement world. Detox Organics has no negative marks on their brand, and the majority of the reviews I could find were on Amazon.

From what I could see, Detox Organics has a strong social media game. You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram, where they post a plethora of great pictures and videos of customer testimonials and their products.

Detox Organics also has an ambassador program that anyone can sign up for. This allows those within the program to promote their product, and make commission from each sale. 

This is how most supplement companies start, as it’s a lot easier to promote, and scale their product with the help from influential users.

This is a great way to gain exposure, but also dangerous for the consumer, considering a lot of people like to go above and beyond with their overzealous marketing in order to make a sale.

Ingredients in Detox Organics 

Detox Organics has 13 grams of powder in each scoop, includes 25 superfoods, only fifty calories in each serving, and also certified organic through the USDA.

Being the meticulous person I am, I added all the ingredient amounts together for each blend, and found that 8 grams of nutrients remained. That means 5 grams in each serving is probably filler or flavoring or both.

At first glance, the 13 grams looks pretty impressive, but the more research I did, I found that only ⅔ of the mix are the active ingredients. This is sounding less impressive now huh? If you have 25 ingredients packed into an 8 gram per serving size, the superfood amounts are going to be low.

This leads us into an issue we find with a lot of superfood green drinks, or other supplements as well. Ingredients hidden inside the proprietary blends. 

Detox Organics has 3 different blends used in their superfood mix: Detoxifying Blend (1.7 grams), Organic Primal Grass Blend (3.6 grams), and the Alkalizing Blend (2.5 grams).

The good news…Detox Organics chose organic, Non-GMO ingredients, which is great for those who are gluten intolerant. Unfortunately, this product is not gluten-free, just “gluten friendly”.

Tasting Detox Organics

When you mix your first scoop of this supplement in your cold glass of water, you have what looks like a chocolatey drink. I have always enjoyed chocolate drinks, even though I never ate too much chocolate.

The first sip was good. I enjoyed the taste, but for some, it may seem a bit sweet. Customers that had previously reviewed this product found it helpful to mix the powder in unsweetened almond milk, but I never managed to try this.

If you consider the grassy taste that a lot of the superfood green drinks on the market have, this powder wasn’t bad to taste at all, and I could envision myself enjoying this daily. 

One of the things that Detox Organics prides themselves on, is the fact that their customers don’t mind drinking their greens each day, because of their excellent flavoring.

Furthermore, you won’t find any added sweeteners or sugars in the blend, unlike other superfood powders use in order to boost the smell or taste.

Detox Organics Side Effects

Let’s face it, everyone is different, and how your body reacts to these products can vary from person to person. A big part of how Detox Organics will affect your body is based on your diet.

When taking Detox Organics, you could experience gastrointestinal effects such as bloating, gas, diarrhoea, and constipation. Others have reported skin irritation and breakouts, along with cravings for junk food. You may also experience fatigue, irritability, low energy, or headaches.

In the two weeks that I took Detox Organics, I never experienced any negative side effects, but again, everyone is different. 

Will Detox Organics Work?

The ingredients Detox Organics selected are to detox, alkalize, and energize the body in a triple phase plant-based supplement. Benefits also include removing toxins, boosting the immune system, eliminating bloating, promoting the loss of fat, and helping to ease digestion.

This sounds like a great product, but it’s hard to feel confident when I look at the label. Because they use proprietary blends, it’s hard to know the exact amount of ingredients in each serving. 

Meaning, claims made by manufacturers can be hidden within these proprietary blends, so it’s hard to know for sure what you’re getting.

What the Customers are Saying

The customer reviews that we’ve read have seemed to be pretty mixed. Like a lot of other superfood drinks on the market, you’re going to have people that love it, and people that don’t enjoy it at all. 

In this case, it was the same. Many customers claimed it helped them immensely with bloating symptoms, and even energy boosts.

Others claimed that the taste was great, it helped their mood, and they looked forward to using this product everyday. 

On the other hand, there were some customers that were displeased.

One claimed that they experienced discomfort and stomach pain, then stopped using the product and their pain went away. They wouldn’t recommend it for those with weak stomachs.

Others claimed that they loved the taste, but it didn’t help to relieve their bloating at all.

The point is, it’s hard to say whether this product is going to work for you unless you try it for yourself, especially with the reviews being very mixed.

Is Detox Organics Worth the Money?

Better health? Weight Loss? All in one easy-to-mix chocolatey drink? Is this too good to be true? Well, it does come with a cost, which happens to be about $2 per serving.

So, whether you take this supplement once or twice a day, you could be spending anywhere between $60 and $120 each month. This seemed a little expensive considering I wasn’t 100% sure of the ingredients in each serving.

If this product works for you then paying that amount of money each month might not be that big of a deal. In my opinion, I think this product is a little overpriced, especially because the ingredients in each serving may not be sufficient enough, causing you to spend more each month.

Detox Organics Money Back Guarantee

Detox Organics is so sure that you’ll love their product, that they offer a money back guarantee on their superfood powder. As long as the container isn’t open you can receive a full refund within 60 days. 

This is confusing, I know. So if you purchase Detox Organics and open the container to try it, you will not be eligible for a refund even if you don’t like the taste.

Final Thoughts

After reading this review, are you ready to try Detox Organics?

Using that juicer everyday is a great way to increase the intake of vegetables, but it seems to take a lot of supplies and time to do properly. The good news, Detox Organics takes all of that commitment and work out of it, while still providing you with many healthy ingredients.

Detox Organics has done an excellent job at marketing their product, hitting all of the major points, and making it taste chocolatey as well! Beyond that, Detox Organics is one of the few green drinks that uses 100% USDA organic ingredients.

If you are looking for a tasty chocolate drink, that is low in calories, contains a wide range of superfoods, and don’t mind the expensive cost, then you should consider Detox Organics.

Recently, my favorite green drink has been Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens, which in my eyes gives you way more bang for your buck.

If you have any questions regarding Detox Organics, or you’ve used the product yourself, let us know how your experience was! Leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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