Chlorella Health Benefits & Side Effects


Chlorella Health Benefits and Possible Side EffectsWhat is Chlorella?

Chlorella is an algae that grows in fresh water. It has many uses in the healthcare industry, for supplements and medications. There are many chlorella health benefits and even some side effects.

Much of the plant used in the industry is grown in Taiwan or Japan. Most often, the plant is processed into tablets or liquid form for sale to consumers. The final product is an extract of chlorella growth factor, including many types of proteins, amino acids, sugars, and vitamins.

Buyers should know that the amount of nutrients in each preparation varies greatly, depending on how the plant has been processed.

Chlorella health benefits and side effects are numerous. Before considering this plant as a supplement, it helps to have plenty of background information.

Health Benefits of Chlorella

Boosts the Immune System and Helps Prevent Disease

Chlorella can boost the immune system, which can help users fight off common colds and infections. It works by increasing the immune system response, by contributing to production of white blood cells.

It has been promoted as an excellent supplement for those fighting cancer and HIV. It may also help people fight the side effects of radiation therapy during cancer treatment.

It can also help rid the body of toxins, particularly metals like mercury and lead.

Improves Digestion

Many people struggle with inflammatory bowel disease, like Crohn’s disease or IBS. Chlorella can help promote increased production of helpful bacteria in the intestinal tract. In addition, it can help heal or prevent ulcers and relieve constipation.

Good for the Heart, Lungs, and Arteries

Chlorella can help lower blood pressure. This makes it an ideal supplement for those trying to lower blood pressure through diet and exercise. It also helps lower cholesterol, to help stave off coronary artery disease and promote better circulation.

Because the plant is high in antioxidants, it can help improve lung conditions like asthma. This is a benefit for those who suffer from respiratory disorders, especially those caused by environmental allergens.

Improves Mental Health and Stabilizes Mood

The plant substance can help improve mental health, by normalizing the levels of certain chemicals produced in the brain. By normalizing the effects of changing hormone levels, it an also help with symptoms associated with PMS.

Women who suffer from PMS and PMD and want a natural remedy may want to consider chlorella.

Improves Skin Disorders

People who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders often look for more natural products to improve overall skin condition. Chlorella contains many essential fatty acids, which can help improve skin condition. Other supplements and natural products are also being promoted as useful for improving common skin disorders.

All Natural Alternative to Meds

For many people, taking prescription medications is not the most desirable way to treat diseases and common disorders. For those who want all natural remedies, chlorella supplements provide them with another suitable option.

Potential Chlorella Side Effects

Digestive Disturbances

Most of the side effects caused by taking chlorella are mild and involved the digestive system. They include flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and nausea. It may also cause green discoloration of the stools, which can be distressing to some people.


Those who take chlorella may become more sensitive to UV rays. Those who work outdoors or spend several hours outside each day may want to consider using a strong UV protection product on the skin or choose another supplement.

May Interfere with Anticoagulants

Those who take prescription blood thinners may want to avoid chlorella. Like other green plants with plenty of chlorophyll, chlorella can interfere with the action of blood thinners prescribed for various medical conditions.

For this reason, those who are considering taking a supplement such as one with chlorella should consult with their physicians first.

Purity May Be Questionable

Chlorella is often combined with other helpful algaes, like spirulina. However, it is not carefully monitored. Some supplements may contain chlorella mixed with unknown algae, which can contain toxic substances.

It is always best to read labels carefully and look for products with chlorella that have been certified to be pure. The substance can be mixed with a variety of other substances, so reading labels is essential.

Many green drink powder supplements contain chlorella along with other algae such as spirulina. This is a terrific way to take chlorella as you are taking it in a whole-food source so absorption is far superior than if you were taking a pill.

Finding a product that is pure and is guaranteed is the best way to find a reliable chlorella supplement and maximize the chlorella health benefits while avoiding the side effects.[hr]

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