Chia Seeds Health Benefits & Side Effects


Chia seeds health benefits

Chia seeds health benefits are well-documented in science.

What are Chia Seeds?

Chia pets are something that most of us of a certain refined age group remember vividly. The little terracotta figurines were advertised all over TV when we were kids. They were interesting as they were creepy. And they were as educational for young children learning to grow a plant as they were laughable for those of us who watched SNL perform skits over them.

But little did we know at the time that chia seeds health benefits were so incredibly powerful. Yes, the seeds that produced those creepy figurines could actually have been serving to make us healthier. Instead of growing indoor furry gnomes, we could have been ramping up our immunities and defenses against degenerative diseases and losing weight. Not to say that laughing at chia pets wasn’t fun, however, because laughter is certainly our best medicine. But chia seeds are pretty darn powerful health infusers. Chia seeds are often found in the top green superfood drink powders.

The problem, of course, is that as powerful as chia pets became, the seeds which grew them have often been overlooked and misunderstood. Recently, many health cafes have begun offering them in their green superfood drinks. That’s helped to spur some interest in people’s desire to purchase them individually, or at least go to Google and ambitiously seek out what the heck chia seeds health benefits are. But overall, people don’t get enough chia seeds in their diet and the seeds remain largely understated in superfood circles.

Chia seeds health benefits are well-documented in the worlds of both science and anecdotal observations. They are easy to obtain. They are simple to include in a diet. Chia seeds make a whole lot of sense for people who want to improve their health. But before you run out to the store to buy chia seeds, let’s look at their health benefits so you can get even more excited about what you will be receiving when you do bring them home.

I can tell you right off the bat what you will not be buying…this thing:

Ah, memory lane…and on to the mighty chia seeds!

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Are The Fish Of Plants

That’s a weird thing to say, it was poorly worded, but not entirely inaccurate. Chia seeds are an amazing source of Omega 3 Fatty acids. Yep, these are the fats you ingest when you eat fish. You know how your doctor is always telling you to eat more fish? Well, the foundation of most fish is these healthy Omega 3 Fatty acids. Most people in the modern world get way too much Omega 6 Fatty acid, which causes an imbalance that heavily favors 6 over 3. And this ends up causing inflammation, which is typically associated with chronic illnesses. You potentially can’t afford, nor have time, to fish daily. This is what makes chia seeds so incredible. They are easy to pack up and take with you to work.

Chia Seeds Are Packed With Antioxidants Of Joy

Antioxidants help to thwart the horrible effects of free radicals. Rather than allowing them to cause cancer and give us bad skin, antioxidants fight them. Antioxidants are often considered great for improving the skin, nails and immune systems of people. Chia seeds possess these amazing antioxidants.

Chia Seeds contribute to weight loss

When you feel full, you eat less. I know, you must be completely floored by that statement. Hey, as unsurprised as you may be, it doesn’t mean serving you up a reminder isn’t helpful. Chia seeds are a great source of fiber, they make you feel full, which makes you want to eat less, which causes you to ingest less calories. Ah, science, it sure is a fun thing, isn’t it?

Chia Seeds can replace eggs in baking

So you are vegan and commonly get frustrated by limited baking options due to not wanting to include eggs? Well, chia seeds are here to save the kitchen. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it really works.

Chia Seeds help stave off blood sugar swings

When it comes to weight loss, blood sugar balance is a key factor. When your blood sugar is up and down all day, this means your body is storing fat. And that’s not good. Chia seeds have been shown to counter insulin resistance.

Chia Seeds Side Effects

Digestive Issues

Look, everything on earth is capable of giving you a side-effect. Heck, side-effects have side-effects (that doesn’t make a lot of sense but you catch the idea). When it comes to chia seeds side effects, the only stand out issue would be that their high fiber content could result in an upset digestive track, but I’d think this to be only when someone has overeaten the seeds. In the end, that’s not easy to accomplish given the satiety of chia seeds, so I’m not sure how big of a concern this should be for anyone.

However, some people’s digestive tracks are sensitive to fiber. This would be something to consider before eating chia seeds. [hr]

Chia Seeds Conclusion

Chia seeds are a perfect superfood that’s both easy to obtain and full of huge health gains. They are affordable and versatile in terms of cooking with. They are great for meal replacements and vegan baking replacements. At worst, you can plant your own chia pet, which would not be healthy, but I guess could be entertaining. Jokes aside, I suggest you pick some chia seeds up the next time you are at the store. Your health deserves it.

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