cashews green smoothies

Adding nuts to your green drink can enhance the health benefits of your smoothie experience while also adding in some complex density.

But many people don’t realize the powerful benefits that adding cashews into a green smoothie can have. Because most people don’t consider a cashew something that even goes well with a green smoothie. But nothing could be further from the truth (except the flat earth theory, that’s like, super far from the truth).

But a cashew cream green smoothie can really rock your boat (in a good way).

The fact is, cashews not only add to your green smoothie’s health benefits, but they also add to the taste. Cashews add a healthy fat aspect that creates a more filling green smoothie, which often helps with weight loss.

Here’s How Cashews Add Benefit To Your Green Smoothie

Here’s a number of reasons why you should consider adding cashews into your green smoothie.

Robust Nutrient Profile

Yep, when you ingest cashews, you’re getting a powerful nutrient density experience.

  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus
  • Manganese
  • Copper

Isn’t nutrient density the ultimate point of your green drink? I thought so…

Healthy Fat

There are lots of ways to easily add in healthy fats to your green smoothie. You can use an avocado base, or simply put coconut oil in it. There is nothing complicated when it comes to adding in fat to your ingredients.

But the cashew is a largely overlooked option that carries with it not only the addition of healthy fat but also numerous other benefits (listed below).

Cashews possess a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids which help accelerate good cholesterol. Some studies show that cashew healthy fat can provide a reduction in triglyceride levels.


The health benefits of fiber need little validation anymore. Science has proven time and time again that fiber helps improve digestive health, prevent colon cancer and aid in weight loss.

Cashews bring an even more potent version of fiber to the table. Cashews are resistant starches. This means portions of cashew fiber go undigested by the stomach, leaving them as food for good gut bacteria. This offers all sorts of goodness to the body, including improved mental health.

Adding heavier fibers such as cashews to your green smoothie will make your drink more filling. This means you are less apt to overeat. This means weight loss.


cashew green smoothie taste

Ah, last but not least, cashews can really improve the taste of your green smoothie. This taste improvement is really at its most pronounced when you use cashew cream (don’t sweat it, I’ve got you covered on this below), but even just tossing good old raw cashews in the blender adds valuable taste improvements.

Cashews have a dense buttery-like taste. Cashews can neutralize spice or acidic taste profiles. Then can enhance fruity tastes.

But wait, we haven’t even discussed how to add cashews to our green drink yet?

I know, I know…

This was all big sales job. And now that you are sold, let’s get to adding in those amazing cashews.

Adding Cashews To Your Green Drink

add cashews to green drink copy

I get this question all the time. Oh, the question is, “how do I add cashews to my green drink?”

For some, the answer is obvious. For others, it feels a bit counter-intuitive. Cashews, unlike fruits and many leafy greens, are built a bit tough. They are, after all, nuts.

So the obvious answer here is, just dump them in your blender along with the rest of your green drink recipe ingredients. The cashews will break up and spread throughout the drink. You will taste them (that’s a good thing). They will add density in the way of healthy fat to the drink, making the green drink more complex.

But this isn’t the only way to add in healthy cashews to your green drink. Not by a long shot.

green drink cashews

Yep, there’s a much slicker, cooler, awesome’r way to accomplish this.

You can soak the cashews and create cashew cream. And that means an awesome cashew cream green smoothie…

How To Soak Cashews

First and foremost, make sure you are using purified water for soaking your cashews. You don’t want any toxic elements, even in trace amounts, to ruin your healthy dish (whatever that may be).

So, yes, you need water. Purified water.

Take one cup of cashews in the raw. This means they aren’t roasted and they aren’t salted.

You want to put the cashews into a bowl or container and cover the cashews with up to an inch of water.

Now, you are going to soak these cashews for anywhere to from 4 hours to 10 hours, or even a shade longer if you like.

Here’s the best way: Soak the cashews for four hours in room temperature, following that, allow them to soak in the refrigerator for the remainder of the time.

If this is a rush job, you can boil water and then let that boiled water cool for a few minutes, then soak your cashews in it. This could create your desired result within 20 minutes. But again, it’s a rush job, don’t expect the highest of quality. Good things come to those who wait!

After They’ve Soaked…

Filter out the water. Wash off the remaining cashews.

Now, break out the big daddy blender (preferably a Vitamix) and dump the cashews along with 3 quarter’s cup of water into it. Start blending, but not too fast at first (again, good things come to those with the patient hand). After you ramp up to full speed, you should run it for up to three minutes on high-octane.

You may need more water for the desired result. You are looking for a creamy look. Use your own judgment.

What Happens Now?

Well, things don’t get any more complex, honestly. You simply add the cashew cream to the green drink. The cashew cream will be thick, so you can expect some separation to occur, this is totally natural. If you have a Vitamix, you may get a more blended look. But overall, your guest will be impressed with the two-tone health bomb sat before them.

Here’s a look at a contrasting cashew cream green drink smoothie, compliments of SuperChargedForLife (you should check out their killer cashew cream recipe).

cashew cream green smoothie

Again, you can blend it up and create the more familiar green look. It really is up to you.

Cashew Milk Green Smoothie

Using cashew milk is another way to easily add some of the cashew’s health benefits to your green smoothie. However, it can be pricey and certainly not as potent as making your own cashew cream.

Its an option for those in a pinch, though. You can find cashew milk on the same shelves where almond milk and rice milk are located in your local grocery store.


Cashews add an amazing amount of benefits to your green smoothie. Those benefits include improved taste, enhanced digestive health, increased odds of weight loss, and better taste.

Soaking cashews are the best way to accomplish a green smoothie with cashews added. Soaking cashews is easy as pie. But you can also just toss the cashews into the blender with the rest of your green drink ingredients and it will be just fine.

Cashews are full of powerful nutrients, particularly in their raw state. They can be a bit costly, though.

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