An honest review of BoKU SuperfoodBõKU Superfood Powder Review

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BõKU Superfood Powder by BõKU is 100% organic. It also boasts some other credentials such as being gluten free, kosher, vegan and containg zero GMO ingredients.

So let’s take a more in-depth look… This BõKU Superfood Powder review should tell you what you need to know and determine if it is a good fit for you.

BõKU Superfood Ingredients

BõKU Superfood Powder contains 60 expansive and wide-ranging ingredients:

These ingredients are conveniently listed under some categories like Greens, Fruits, Algae, Mushrooms etc.

Everything is SUPER!  We love all the categories because many drink makers just list all of the ingredients in one giant list.

In most superfood powders, there is almost always the green vegetables, algae, and grasses.  BõKU’s grasses are moderately limited, and where’s the wheatgrass??  I guess you can say they make up for it with the “sprouts” section. If you can swing it always go for sprouted veggies and grasses. Way, way healthy.

BUT WAIT!  BõKU too has a mushroom profile!  Mmmm, fungi…  Introducing a remarkable 14 mushroom blend that delivers over a gram of shrooms.  This is a good dose of antioxidants and other health benefits such as being rich in Vitamin D, an immune booster, gives a good swift kick to your metabolism, and is essential for a healthy bladder.

We also love the variety in their “Fruits” panel with over a dozen of some of the most popular superfood fruits.

BõKU is impressive with their superfood organic ingredients, but… one serving provides less than 9 grams of superfoods. This is considerably lower to similarly-priced green drinks such as Athletic Greens, Green Vibrance, All Day Energy Greens, Vitamineral Green, Garden of Life and more.[hr]

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Taste and Value

So how about the BõKU Superfood taste?  Wow is it intense!  Some quite enjoy the taste of powders like this, but for many it’s the taste that can be a deal breaker.

Products that use a lot of algae and juice extracts can lead to earthy, swampy tasting powder. BõKU Superfood definitely tastes memorable but if you mask it with some fruit, organic yogurt, organic juices and make a smoothie, you’ll be just fine.

Money’s worth?  Sure!  A serving of BõKU Superfood is a wee bit under 9 grams and a 30-day supply is around $50. This breaks down to around $1.70 per serving. We feel a little bit on the high side but not bad, HOWEVER, let’s remember you’re getting less per serving than other fifty-buck products on the market. This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it is little more coin.

BõKU Superfoods shortcoming is in the overall potency, and yet some choose to overlook that aspect simply because of their impressive lineup of 100% organic ingredients.

The Good

  • Balanced formulation to include kelp and maca
  • 100% Vegan and Gluten free
  • Sprouted superfoods is a very good thing
  • Shrooms and more shrooms… 14 different kinds to be exact
  • 60 organic ingredients

The Bad

  • For less than 9 grams per serving in total nutrition, $1.67 per serving is a tad bit high

BõKU Superfood is very good green drink powder. It is a little on the expensive side for around 9 grams per serving for $1.60 ish per serving, but the product is not necessarily in left field in terms of value. A couple of similar green drinks that may have a little more under the hood and taste a little milder are Athletic Greens and Patriot Power Greens.

We love the company culture too… family run… attention to detail… good values.[hr]

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