Boku Super Berries Review

If you are in the market for an ultra-budget berry superfood drink, my Boku Super Berries review is the best thing you’ll ever find. But prepare yourself, the lower cost of Boku Super Berries is certainly not without sacrifice (often, extreme) in quality.

This is only for super budget-minded consumers. If you want a more powerful superfood powder for just a little more cash, I highly suggest you immediately click over to my top berry superfoods list. I mean, don’t click so hard that you break your keyboard, but be aggressive.

Otherwise, if you are pinching that last $10, stick around.

About Boku

Boku supplements

Boku’s world headquarters located in beautiful Ojai, California

Boku is based in Ojai, California. Lynn and Reno Rollé are the owners, they also have Dr. Bj Adrezin and their son, Reno Jr., included in the mix.

They claim their mission to be the sharing of superfood “secrets” and helping people find a more peaceful state of being. They commonly suggest people visit their town of Ojai and gain some exposure to its peaceful, and potentially hippie, type atmosphere.

Boku is a trustworthy, name brand that doesn’t get many relevant or qualified bad reviews. They are definitely safe to purchase from.

Boku Super Berries Ingredients

Boku Super Berries ingredients are thin but berry-centric. As has already been mentioned, the price/value has yet to be assessed on Boku Super Berries, so don’t dive out just yet. Super Berries is exactly what it says it is, a berry superfood drink. It’s not a meal replacement or anything close to that.


Boku Super Berries ingredients include organic goji berry juice, organic hawthorn berry, organic blackberry, organic tart cherry, organic pomegranate, organic blueberry, organic acai berry, organic strawberry, organic raspberry, organic cranberry.

All of Super Berries ingredients are legitimate superfoods and all are classified as berries. The label, in other words, speaks for itself. Boku also claims that they dry their berries in lower temperatures as a way to preserve the nutrient density in berries. When superfoods and even leafy green veggies are exposed to heat, they can often lose a lot of their nutrient fuel. So this is a big deal on the part of Boku’s process, even though the truth is, we have no proof they really do it or at what temperatures we are talking about.

They also claim that all the superfoods are picked at their most nutrient friendly times. Clearly, Boku Super Berries is a vegan option and a gluten-free option and a dairy-free option. It’s all organic.

This isn’t bad stuff, of course. It’s just very basic.

Blackberries and blueberries offer incredible antioxidant power that helps people maintain healthy, vibrant skin. Acai berry is known to influence a more efficient metabolism for weight loss. Strawberries pack a vitamin C punch that’s great for the immune system. Commonly, all berry benefits overlap with one another, that’s just the power of superfood berries for you.

But this is where Boku Super Berries ingredients end. And depending on your feelings regarding value (scroll down), Boku Super Berries may well be a big flop, or an awesome deal for the incredibly budget oriented.

Boku Super Berries supplement facts

In terms of value, I can’t classify it any more accurately than telling you its rather a bummer. A month’s supply will cost you $31.99. That will translate to 3 grams per serving. That’s around $1.05 per day. While that may sound appealing, consider that Miracle Reds Superfoods cost a total of $10-ish more a month, but you get 9.5 grams per serving. So this means you could take HALF of Macro Reds Superfood per day and you’d pay $41 for 2 months, plus you get way more ingredient diversity.

The value here is rather tragic. The only reason someone would buy Boku Super Berries is that they literally can’t come up with a few bucks more up front.

Also, Boku wants you to buy their protein supplement, so that’s how you get the protein that’s not contained in Super Berries.

Boku Super Berries Taste

The taste is berry, not overly sweet. It mixes nicely with water. It’s a convenient superfood powder to take along with you to work and quickly mix. They don’t seem to include any unneeded sugars, so low carbers rejoice. But this does mean its less sweet than you might initially expect it to be.

Boku Super Berries Nutrition

Boku Super Berries contains 0nly superfood berries, as the name suggests. Expect a good amount of antioxidants per serving.


The berries chosen for Boku Super Berries ingredients is very good. The addition of hawthorn berry gives Super Berries a unique attribute not often found in competitors. It tastes good, they don’t add any sugar, and it works well for someone following a low carb diet.


Its a thin experience overall. While the price is marked down a good bit, the 3-gram serving size remains troublesome when compared to other berry superfood drinks.


Super Berries taste good and is low in sugar and has no real fat content. It mixes great. But the low price point doesn’t completely justify the lower price point. I think there are better options, however, the company is composed of good people and they are a trusted brand.


We are compensated for this review.