biopharma nanogreens reviewBioPharma Nanogreens Review

it is no secret that I’m rather protective of my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list, but today, I’ve surely been challenged by this BioPharma Nanogreens review. I truly expected this to be an above average experience, but as it turns out, BioPharma Nanogreens is pretty legit. I still can’t list it in my top 10, however, it is really close.

One of the greatest attributes of Nanogreens is that it offers pretty potent serving sizes at affordable pricing. The ingredients are organic, gluten-free, and dairy free. So this stuff is hipster-friendly, basically.

BioPharma Scientific Company

BioPharma Scientific uses Kerri Walsh Jennings as their spokesperson. She’s a 3-time Olympic Gold medalist. You can watch their ad using her right here. It may make you want to go immediately work out.

BioPharma Nanogreens Ingredients

Greens Blend

Organic Barley Grass Juice: Possessing a diversity of B-Complex vitamins, barley grass is one of the healthiest grass supplements you can take. You will also get a lot of magnesium, protein, and fiber out it. Also, it should be noted, the use of juice extract is a far superior ingredient type.

Spirulina: Like Barley grass, spirulina is another superfood grass that packs a powerful nutrient punch. This is where you will get your vitamin K1 and K2 supplementation, along with a powerful dose of beta-carotene. Spirulina is also well-known for delivering iron at higher rates than spinach.

Chlorella: Chlorella is a main source of Chlorophyll, which is known for its detoxification ability. It is popularly found as a detox supplement on its own. Essentially, it should help rid the body of dirty metals that we tend to collect from our polluted environments.

Phytonutrients Blend

Green Tea Extract: Green tea is, essentially, a stack of antioxidants and nutrients which can help the body stave off degenerative diseases. Make no mistake about it, green tea is a superfood drink in its own respect.

Grape Seed Extract: Linoleic acid, phenolic procyanidins, and flavonoids are just the start of what makes grape seed a potent healer. People often forget how amazing grapes are for your health.

Organic Broccoli: Broccoli is one of the most powerful superfoods that the earth has ever seen. Yeah, that was a bit of an outlandish, unnecessary statement, but being emphatic over the broccoli is something I’m not shy about! Brocolli has almost every known nutrient inside of it, as well as fiber. The major downside to broccoli, particularly in raw format, is that it has a tendency to not go over all that well for people as a side-dish. That’s why getting it in a green superfood drink is so great, you avoid the taste and texture that might be turning you off to it.

Carrot: A potent source of beta-carotene, your eyes will thank you for supplementing with carrot powder on the daily. One day, you will see what I’m saying. See what I did there?

Organic Spinach: Here comes that second powerful dosing of iron (remember, Spirulina, listed above, has more!). Spinach is a non-debatable superfood. Beyond iron, you are looking at calcium, folate, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Organic Kale: Kale is trendy, and by many accounts, not fun to eat in the raw state, but it sure is amazing for you. Like its green leafy counterpart, spinach, kale is loaded with fiber, folate, and magnesium. By taking a superfood green drink powder, you get raw kale which tends to offer increased health benefits.

Blackberry: One of the healthiest berries on earth, blackberries offer those who eat it an extensive source of powerful nutrients, such as vitamin C. In fact, blackberries are amazing immune boosters. They also provide valuable insoluble and soluble fiber. Blackberries are a bit bitter, which can turn some people off, which makes them a great addition to a blend that helps cover the bitterness up.

Fruit and Vegetable Blend

Organic Apple: Antioxidants and fiber are plentiful in the age-old apple. When you drink a Nanogreens superfood drink, you get your apple a day. So your doctor will be happy.

Organic Mango: Mangos are known to alkalize the body, as well as help, improve skin health. They also taste great.

Organic Lemon: A potent source of vitamin C, lemons also alkalize the body.

Organic Sweet Potato: Fiber, potassium, and niacin are just a few of the vital nutrients you can expect from the sweet potato.

Organic Leek: Leeks are related to onions and shallots and are a good source of antioxidant polyphenols.

Organic: Cranberry: I mean, come on, the cranberry is renowned for its health benefits. One of the main cited health benefits of the cranberry is helping people to avoid urinary tract infections.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera promotes hair growth, helps lessen dandruff, and can serve to condition your hair.

 biopharma nanogreens ingredients


With BioPharma Nanogreens, you get a liberal 12 grams per serving. Each container is a month supply. You are paying roughly $1.40 per serving. This is a slam-dunk, no-brainer value here. 12 grams is a potent serving, but when it comes at such an economic cost, its almost completely unfair.

BioPharma Nanogreens Taste

Nanogreens taste is really good, particularly when it is cold blended. You can add some fruit if you prefer, but you I have found it isn’t needed as Nanogreens already includes berries and fruits which help sweeten up the greens. The taste is a winner.

BioPharma Nanogreens Nutrition

Nanogreens is composed of a great deal of nutritional diversity, however, much of it is centered around powerful antioxidants. The damage caused by free radicals in people is incomprehensible, upping your intake of antioxidants is something that can help fight the damage done by these free radicals on healthy cells.

I’m also pleased that enzyme/probiotics are included in the blend. Probiotics work synergistically with resistant starches found in some of the fiber sources in Nanogreens to help improve gut health. Gut health is a largely overlooked facet of the human body.


BioPharma Nanogreens is an amazing value for those who want to pay less for more. It offers a robust amount of nutrient density, fiber, and probiotics, all for an extremely affordable price point. The fact that Nanogreens uses barley juice extract is a huge benefit because juice extracts are superior to powders.


The value is without question, present, but that doesn’t make it a top 10 superfood green drink. It still lacks potency when stood up against the likes of my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. While barley grass is in the form of a juice extract, the remainder of ingredients are based in common plant powders.


Absolutely, BioPharma Nanogreens is a wonderful buy. It is loaded with nutrients and it won’t break your bank. I’d say that Nanogreens is quite possibly the best budget green drink you will find. Most BioPharma Nanogreens reviews agree that this is a top of the line budget drink experience.