BarleyMax Review

BarleyMax review


My duty to the Internet is to create superfood green drink reviews so that the good people in the world who are looking to spend their hard earned money on a supplement don’t get ripped off. This duty is as much about reviewing the bad ones as it is the good ones. Well, today is one of the bad ones. My BarleyMax review is about to be the most unimpressive, uninspiring thing to hit the Internet since rabbit memes attempted to take over cat memes. BarleyMax is a low potency green drink experience that offers few redeeming qualities.

BarleyMax is owned by Hallelujah Acres. Hallelujah Acres BarleyMax is likely just a springboard to get you to try their famed, Hallelujah Diet. The Hallelujah Diet, is in essence, a diet based on eating mostly raw foods. But furthermore, it seems to be an MLM. And BarleyMax most certainly must be a segway into that setup because it really doesn’t offer the consumer much of anything.

Below are the reasons I most certainly would not purchase BarleyMax and would instead opt to check out our top superfood green drink reviews instead.

“Can I get an amazing superfood green drink?” – The Preacher.

“Probably not!” – the congregation.

The manufactures, Rev. George Malkmus and his wife Rhonda, claim this BarleyMax can help you detoxify your body. In the end, shutting off processed foods in general can help with that concept. Drinking BarleyMax is most certainly achieving that. But there isn’t much else happening here. And in the end, you have way better options to choose from.

Superfoods & Nutrition

At the center of the problem is BarleyMax ingredients. There are only two of them. And while barley and alfalfa grass are both powerhouse superfoods, it is difficult to justify spending our hard earned money on such shallow variety. Making the situation worse is that there are only 2 grams per serving. This is basically the Road Runner falling into a ditch then popping his head up, only to be run over by a train. They use only two ingredients and then skimp on the amount. In order for a two-ingredient drink to work, you almost certainly have to offer a decent quantity of it for the consumer.

This drink cost almost $30, which makes it roughly $1 per serving. That’s super expensive for a drink that offers few ingredients and low quantities.

BarleyMax claims their ingredients (all two of them) are non-GMO, gluten and dairy-free, and organic. That’s at least good, I suppose. When compared to a product such as Garden of Life Perfect Raw Food, BarleyMax fails to live up to any competitive standard.

Organic Barley Grass Juice and Organic Alfalfa Grass Juice are wonderful for you, but you aren’t getting much when it comes to Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax. You infact, get shorted signifigantly.

Taste and Value

BarleyMax taste is nothing to write home about, but in fairness, I can’t condemn them here. In the end, BarleyMax doesn’t use added sugars to their blend to cover up the grassy and spinach-like taste. It just is what it is. This is normally where I’d tell you to truck on because a health drink isn’t always about great taste, but being that BarleyMax has failed this green drink review so drastically, I will let it be. The product’s “not so great” taste is less the concern when you look at the overall BarleyMax review.

The Good 

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  • Organic, non-GMO, gluten and dairy free
  • Uses juice extracts
  • Better than Diet Coke (I’m struggling in the benefits arena right now)


The Bad

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  • Only two ingredients
  • Only two grams of those two ingredients per serving
  • Probably just trying to get you to promote an MLM
  • Doesn’t taste good



There isn’t much here that’s positive. This is a lowly green drink that has too few ingredients and too little of those ingredients. Sure, it is organic, non-GMO and doesn’t have dairy, but it also doesn’t have a lot of other good things (like say, more healthy ingredients). Try our top superfood green drink reviews and and find something that makes both health and economic sense because BarleyMax most certainly isn’t it.

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