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Kids matter! Hey, I’m a parent myself. I know how difficult it can be to get a kid to eat healthily. Additionally, I understand how complicated it is out there in terms of kids health products. It almost seems that every company out there is marketing to “healthy kid foods and drinks.” There is a lot of money to be made in the market, no doubt about it. When you add on the stress of other parents acting judgemental, it really can make one feel that the mountain is too darn high to climb. Well, go get your hiking boots on, because I’ve found a potentially good option. My Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood review will take a deeper dive into a green drink that’s peppered with both good stuff, and some controversy. No, this stuff doesn’t make my best green superfood powder drinks list. But, it is manufactured for kids, which gives it both some good and some bad attributes.

Kids healthy products in some ways almost present a red flag to me. As a parent, why does a food for a kid need to be modified as a kid version? A cantaloupe and spinach leaves are both healthy for any human, right? You might need to blend it up, no doubt, but why on earth do I need to buy “kid friendly” products when commonly those are just normal human foods “modified” with added sugars? I mean, I could add the sugars in myself!

Well, the labeling sells. Parents tend to feel that a food product built for kids will be an easier sell to their kids, who might be picky eaters. In some ways, there can be benefit to such products. Kids might be more prone to take down something that looks “fun” over something that has some boring label on it. But the sugar count is always of concern. Whenever you are deciding on a kid-specific product, please, look at the added sugars under all the aliases. I’m not saying don’t give your kid sugar, I’m just saying to know when a product’s core kid friendly attribute is sugar under various label names.

I mean, what would most kids rather drink, something that comes out of a package that has “kidz” misspelled and dancing animals, or one that shows an old person’s colon sketched out. You get the point. I just know you do.


The Good

Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood contains healthy and vital greens that many kids simply don’t get enough of in their diets. I think it is redundant to discuss why this green superfood deficiency often becomes the case, however, we know that one major driving factor is taste and texture. Kids can be super sensitive to both. Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood resolves much of this issue. Its a powder that you can blend into a great, fun tasting smoothie. One smoothie contains over 30 fruits and vegetables. There are 7 leafy greens, 14 fruits, and 11 vegetables beyond the greens.

I will highlight some of the major ingredient players.

Organic wheat grass is at the top of the blend’s list. This is a superb fiber that also contains loads of vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C (yes, you could be helping your kid stave off that annoying cold being spread at gym class). It also contains chlorophyll which is a healthy blood builder. You aren’t likely to get your kid to take wheat grass shots, so this is a solid way to sneak it in. Organic carrot is great for the eyes. Yeah, they aren’t seniors yet, but providing the eyes with healthy beta-carotene from the get-go is a great thing to do. And many kids don’t enjoy carrots, so this is another win.

amazing grass kidz superfood reviewOrganic oat fiber is great for digestion and feeding that good stomach bacteria, which can in turn help with things such as depression and anxiety. Resistant starches help to alter the brain and gut relationship. Additionally and in line with the same science, Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood also contains prebiotics and probiotics. The prebiotics are the resistant starch, essentially, that get fed on by the healthy bacteria, or probiotics. This is all good stuff.

The Bad

Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood ingredients don’t give us the ingredient level details. How much oat fiber is my kid going to get? What about sugar? We have no idea because they don’t tell us, and that sucks. Manufacturers who do this are typically hiding behind a “proprietary blend” label. Basically, they pretend they are afraid the competition will copy them. But likely, they just don’t want to be held to any consumer standard on value.

Now, they do tell us the sugar level is 2 grams per serving. If I look down at the “other ingredients” section, I see they list “evaporated cane sugar.” I assume this is connected as that would make sense.

So now let’s get to the controversy. Although not listed, many people claim that the chocolate version contains an ingredient named carrageenan. I see a lot of Amazon reviews debating this, but some of the “good” reviews feel a little incentivized to me (yes, my “mom dar” goes off when I read them). So this is a thickening agent that is derived from seaweed. The big deal is that it reportedly harms digestion. It is considered an unnecessary and dangerous ingredient. Because of this, many people will recommend that you avoid it.

Here’s the thing: lots of Amazon reviews justify carrageenan or say its not a big deal. But something feels fishy about those reviews.

Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood Label


Taste and Value

It comes in chocolate and berry, there are hardly any “kidz” or adults who wouldn’t enjoy Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood taste. The evaporated cane sugar and the fruits and the cocoa (chocolate version) pack a serious palate party. The stuff tastes wonderful.

In terms of value, you get 60 servings at about $30, depending on the deal or day or seller on Amazon. That comes to 50 cents per serving. That’s pretty great and definitely serves as an Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood benefit.

I’d say look at Kylea Total Living Drink Greens. It is going to cost more, it is not “made for kids,” but it is super healthy and the honest truth is, you could modify how much you give your child. Kids are smaller in case you weren’t already aware. I am not totally sure that as a parent we need to always be buying “kid foods.” We have access to blenders and whole foods, I’d either buy an “adult” version that’s not loaded with sugar, discloses ingredients, doesn’t have a dangerous emulsifier or I’d grab some organic whole foods at my local grocery store and get to blending.

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