Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Review

A value-oriented play on a classic formula, Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry takes all that was good with their popular Green Superfood formula and makes it a bit more palatable for folks who really want daily servings of powerful grasses.

This product is widely available in stores across the nation. It tastes pretty good. In the end, this is not a meal replacement option, but its darn good for what it does and the value is tough to beat.

About Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass is a company that covers all the bases when it comes to producing healthy superfood drinks. They are kosher, non-GMO, organic, and vegan. They have deals for all of their products in stores all over the world. They offer fantastic customer service for products that are largely considered superior and reliable.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Ingredients

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry ingredients are very similar to Amazing Grass’ original green powder, accept the addition of berry. That’s not a bad thing, either, because their original formula is a winner. You can think of this new berry formula as having some added superfood benefits plus a taste enhancement.


The focal point of Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry is grasses contained in the Amazing Grass Green Food Blend. Like the original Green Superfood formula, the healthy grasses like wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, and spirulina are at the center of the formula.

Spirulina contains copper, B complex, and a number of other powerhouse vitamins and minerals. Alfalfa grass is known as a treatment for thrombocytopenic purpura and an upset stomach, as well, it offers Iron and essential immune-enhancing vitamins. Barley grass is reported to help stave off gallstones and symptoms of asthma.

The Green Food Blend also has broccoli and spinach, which offers additional sources of iron and vitamin C. For many, spinach and broccoli are difficult to eat, so getting raw versions of each under the cover of a gentler berry taste is wonderful.

Antioxidants and Berries

The Amazing Grass Antioxidant Blend is where you pick up berries such as raspberry and goji and acai and even some cherries. Berries are super high in antioxidants, offer immune-boosting properties, and infuse the formula with a more lively taste.


Apple pectin and flax seeds create a nice additional fiber play for this formula. You get 636 mg of fiber, which also includes Omega 3 Fatty Acid content due to the flax seeds.

Gut Health

The inclusion of 407 mg of probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes offers the consumer a tremendous amount more value.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry supplement facts

Amazing Grass is one of the largest superfood powder brands in the game. They are sold at nearly every major grocery store and health store. They are able to price lower than their competition due to high-volume sales. They offer up several different versions in terms of size and price. I’m going to break down the 30, 60, and 100 serving sizes.

30 servings size: This container cost $29.99. This equates to a $1 a day.

60 servings size: This container cost $49.99. This equates to .83 cents per day.

100 servings size: This container cost $69.99. This equates to .70 per day.

Serving sizes are 8 grams each. This is a decent serving size, a hair above the 7-gram limit we expect to see from a top superfood drink. Overall, this superfood drink’s value is “good.”

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Taste

The taste is berry, not overly sweet. It mixes nicely with water. It’s a convenient superfood powder to take along with you to work and quickly mix. They don’t seem to include any unneeded sugars, so low carbers rejoice. But this does mean its less sweet than you might initially expect it to be.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Nutrition

Boku Super Berries contains 0nly superfood berries, as the name suggests. Expect a good amount of antioxidants per serving.


The berries chosen for Boku Super Berries ingredients is very good. The addition of hawthorn berry gives Super Berries a unique attribute not often found in competitors. It tastes good, they don’t add any sugar, and it works well for someone following a low carb diet.


It’s a thin experience overall. While the price is marked down a good bit, the 3-gram serving size remains troublesome when compared to other berry superfood drinks.


Super Berries taste good and is low in sugar and has no real fat content. It mixes great. But the low price point doesn’t completely justify the lower price point. I think there are better options, however, the company is composed of good people and they are a trusted brand.


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