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All Day Energy Greens ReviewAll Day Energy Greens Ingredients

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Jumping right into the meat of the review for All Day Energy Greens is the quickest way to let you know that this is a great product. ADEG is an excellent greens blend with an impressive nutrients panel.

Barley, aloe, alfalfa, lecithin and more are some of the common nutrients found in ADEG and most other superfood drinks. That’s my point. This product boasts a great nutritional panel, but that’s about where it ends, unfortunately.

I would love to see the company, Institute for Vibrant Living, incorporate some probiotics and add to their ability to compete with some other top-line green drinks. Also, they list basically every ingredient into one category so there’s no way of knowing how much you are getting of each nutrient.

Having griped about the lack of any probiotics (and why do I gripe, you ask? Because a probiotics panel does wonders promoting friendly bacteria and elements that aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. That’s why.) Let’s move on to some top selling points of ADEG.[hr]

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The Good

ADEG contains some quality ingredients. Our bodies crave and thrive off of nutrient-dense calories that create natural energy (not caffeine and sugar-high expiring energy.) ADEG is a greens drink that emphasizes overall health in addition to increased energy. And with about 10.6 grams of these nutrients per serving, ADEG does offer more than many other green superfood supplements. Strong panel of nutrients. ADEG doesn’t use ‘filler’ produce to create nutrients and calories in this drink formula. All of their ingredients are healthy, quality-carrying produce and products that make up their greens blend. Every calorie and element provides much-needed health benefits for your body. I’ll touch more on it below: great price for the nutritional punch of ADEG.

The Bad

Reading the label of ADEG, you will note an impressive list of just over 40 different ingredients, which is impressive; but, I would like to see those broken down so that I know the amounts of each nutrient. The label lists all ingredients in a ‘proprietary blend’ format, making it impossible to break down the amount of each nutrient in each serving. Kind of a bummer. The lack of any probiotics is a Debbie-downer for me. ADEG will still provide needed nutrients to the body, but a heftier formula with some added probiotics and digestive enzymes would give it a boost. And my biggest issue with ADEG is their energy claim. I agree that the 10.6-gram servings will provide some increased energy, but their claim of all day energy is lacking (saying that a single tablespoon exceeds the nutritional punch of five fruit and veggie servings is stretching it.)

Taste and Value

Great taste. Seriously. ADEG is one of the best-tasting superfood green drinks I have ever had. The idea that you can mix this product with either juice or water, and that it will taste great with either, is a reasons that ADEG is one of the most popular superfood green drinks in the entire marketplace right now. With quality ingredients, ample servings, and costing just $1.33 per serving, (and $39.99 for a month supply,) the value aspect of ADEG is excellent. Overall, there could be some improvements and some added elements to take ADEG to the next level. But for where it stands, it’s a great health-promoting product that will back up its claim of increased energy and improved health. For the money, we think you’d do better with Athletic Greens (a little more money) with all organic ingredients, probiotics, enzymes and 12 grams per serving. [hr]

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All Day Energy Greens Ingredients

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